#ncpol: McHenry, Tillis vote to FUND Planned Parenthood, amnesty

mchenryMitch McConnell and John Boehner have been fretting about a “government shutdown.” Even though there has been no evidence whatsoever of past government shutdowns hurting the GOP at the ballot box, our Republican “leaders” caved in to the minority Democrats and Barry Obama on funding the government.  The measure which passed Congress yesterday kicks the government funding can down the road to December.  

The funding bill passed the Senate 78-20.   From the Carolinas, Tim Scott and Richard Burr voted NO.  (Burr is up for reelection in 2016, so he did what he had to do to throw a bone to the base.  Any other year?  He would have been right there with Thom and Mitch.)  Thom Tillis — safe from the wrath of the voters until 2020 — sided with his friend Mitch. 

Over in the House, a total of 91 Republicans joined with all of the Democrats to pass the same bill that sailed through the Senate.  The Tillis-and-Ellmers-063most noteworthy in the Tar Heel delegation?  Patrick McHenry — gunning for the majority whip job — sided with the Democrats on this one.  Renee Ellmers – who again faces a tough reelection fight — did the right thing here and voted NO.  (Any other time, any other year, she would have been right there for Boehner and McCarthy.) 

Again, we ask, WHAT WAS THE POINT of voting in GOP majorities?  They’re not fighting Obama and his boys on ANYTHING.