#ncpol: McHenry, Tillis vote to FUND Planned Parenthood, amnesty

mchenryMitch McConnell and John Boehner have been fretting about a “government shutdown.” Even though there has been no evidence whatsoever of past government shutdowns hurting the GOP at the ballot box, our Republican “leaders” caved in to the minority Democrats and Barry Obama on funding the government.  The measure which passed Congress yesterday kicks the government funding can down the road to December.  

The funding bill passed the Senate 78-20.   From the Carolinas, Tim Scott and Richard Burr voted NO.  (Burr is up for reelection in 2016, so he did what he had to do to throw a bone to the base.  Any other year?  He would have been right there with Thom and Mitch.)  Thom Tillis — safe from the wrath of the voters until 2020 — sided with his friend Mitch. 

Over in the House, a total of 91 Republicans joined with all of the Democrats to pass the same bill that sailed through the Senate.  The Tillis-and-Ellmers-063most noteworthy in the Tar Heel delegation?  Patrick McHenry — gunning for the majority whip job — sided with the Democrats on this one.  Renee Ellmers – who again faces a tough reelection fight — did the right thing here and voted NO.  (Any other time, any other year, she would have been right there for Boehner and McCarthy.) 

Again, we ask, WHAT WAS THE POINT of voting in GOP majorities?  They’re not fighting Obama and his boys on ANYTHING.

11 thoughts on “#ncpol: McHenry, Tillis vote to FUND Planned Parenthood, amnesty

  1. Burr voted for it before he voted against it, in his usual pattern, so I would not count him as voting against it. Burr voted FOR amnesty and funding Planned Parenthood on the cloture vote, which is the important one. Cloture is where you can stop something with 40 votes, unlike the 51 that are needed on the final vote. It is the cloture vote that tells where a Senator really stands on an issue, as the final vote is often just for show as they know it is going to pass from the cloture vote.

    When the chips were down, Burr voted the wrong way, just like Tillis and McHenry.

    McHenry has voted for funding Obama;s executive amnesty before. He is an open borders La Raza Republican who badly needs s primary. Kay Daly should have moved there instead of the 2nd district.

  2. Yes, that is correct. Had Burr really wanted to stop anything he would not have voted for cloture. That is standard Richard Burr protocol. To pretend to be against something to trick drive by voters. He learned this technique from Lindsey Grahmesty!

  3. Message to Richard Burr, Thom Tillis and Patrick McHenry.

    You’re done-don’t expect support for another election. I am not one bit surprised. till always looked like a fraud to me and I have been finished with Burr for along time. I was surprised with McHenry, but this is enough to seal your vote forever.
    I would not vote if you ran for Dog Cat Catcher.
    You are dead to me now.

  4. I AGREE with Lori. Burr is dead to me. Tillis. And all the rest of the establishment Obamatrons will get a primary test.

    Holder….you need to be recalibrated too. I don’t think you’re a 12 gauge anymore. Probably a BB.

    KMA bye.

  5. Looks like it might come to pass that Conservatives should vote for the Democrat in the next election. Do it and loudly. Should they win renomination. It’s one thing to get 80% but when it’s 20 what’s the difference.

  6. Dear Fellow Conservatives,

    I’m as angry about Richard Burr’s duplicity as you are, and that’s why I’m challenging him in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate!

    Not only does he not fight for us, he stabs us in the back just about every chance he gets.

    I hope I don’t violate dailyhaymaker protocol with this, but I’m asking you to go to my website ( http://www.holmquist4senate.com ), read why I’m running and my stance on critical issues, get involved, and tell your friends and family to join in.

    We don’t have to be treated this way. We don’t have to be ignored and disrespected by the people we send to DC. And we can do much better than Richard Burr as our Senator.

    Please remember–there are true conservatives out here willing to listen to you, fight every day for conservative causes, and CONSISTENTLY vote conservatively if you send them to represent you in Washington!

    We can shock the political world, send Richard Burr packing, and send a true conservative to DC to represent North Carolina in the Senate. But I truly need your help to make that happen! Thank you!

    Larry Holmquist

    1. A few dedicated people at the most GOP voter~rich precincts in every county can make the difference. Its amazing how many GOP primary voters show up not really sure who they will vote for.

  7. Whether you are Pro Choice or Pro Life, these horrific videos showing the craven “doctors” from Planned Parenthood negotiating prices for baby organs while they drink their wine and eat their salad would make one toss their cookies.
    And weren’t we told that if we voted for the Republicans, and gave them control of the Senate, they would put a stop to Hussein’s Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens?
    Well guess what: THEY LIED TO US!
    We got rid of that spineless drunk John Boehner, and now it’s time to sh**-can that
    castrated idiot, Mitch McConnell.
    Maybe it’s time to bitch slap the Republicans and say: “Hey, you idiots, we voted you into office to stop Obama!” HELLO?

  8. “Radagast, how would you propose that we “bitch slap” the Republicans?”
    That’s actually a very good question, Yond. It’s very obvious that these scum bags are ignoring the thousands of e mails and phone calls from their constituents.
    I guess the “bitch slap” would occur the next time the lying bastards come around asking for campaign contributions, voting for their opponent, or just staying home (which is why RINO Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election, and we got stuck with Hussein for another four).
    I agree, that’s a NEGATIVE, but that’s an option.
    But, an even bigger option would be to support the “outsiders”: Trump, Carson and Fiorina. Why do you think the “establishment” is attacking “all of the above” and screaming and hollering bloody murder?
    Because they are a threat to Sodom and Gomorrah (Washington), and the career political scum bags who blaspheme the American people!

    1. Fiorina IS establishment.

      Saying ”no” to the establishment means either supporting Trump or Cruz, who actively fight the establishment. Carson is too mild mannered, and besides supports letting illegals stay.

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