#ncpol: RIP, NCGOP

teaIt’s a new day in North Carolina politics.  We’ve been saying for a while that the political parties no longer matter much.  They are a great vehicle for getting the little people back home fired up and involved. They’re great for “getting out the vote.” But, in the end, it is the statist ruling class, which can be found dominating both major American parties, that calls the shots and manages the fate of our communities, states and nation.

This “affiliated committees” nonsense that sailed through the General Assembly codifies this long-held belief. The folks IN OFFICE can insulate themselves from the wrath of the little people back home.  Through their regulatory oversight powers, they can shake down all kinds of “contributions” from deep-pocketed sources.  They can then turn around and use that money to run ads totally lying to the folks back home — painting themselves as good hearted conservatives. It makes it much harder for a “Mr. Smith” — or even a David Brat — to go to Washington or Raleigh.

Since they have written us off — I think it is only fair for us to do the same to them. What’s the point in registering Republican anymore?  The Rs in office regularly ignore that *silly* platform.  State Rep. Paul Tine — registered unaffiliated and still voting hard-left — has all the rights and privileges within the House GOP gadcaucus as a loyal Republican who has been faithfully toeing the conservative line.

Let Paul Shumaker put up all their signs and make the GOTV calls.  Let’s see how well that works. 

Stop voting for the R next to a candidate’s name.  It doesn’t mean the same thing that it did during the days of Ronald Reagan and Jesse Helms.  Look at their core beliefs.  Look at the voting records. These days, an R will lie to you, take your money, and regulate you up to your eyeballs just as quickly as a D will. 

Democrats have been sitting back and chortling over all of this.  But they need to realize something:  THIS affects them too.  Their folks in Raleigh can neuter the influence of their grassroots as well.

There is a long list of political parties that have been born and died off throughout American history.  Maybe it is the GOP’s time.

As these parties have gone, new ones have sprung up and the country has carried on.  It will this time, too.