#ncpol: Leading a blind lazy bastard to the courtroom

“If I believe these measures are unconstitutional, they will see me in court …”
Roy Cooper



Question: Will the state be supplying a guide dog to help this useless lay-about FIND his way to a courtroom to file this lawsuit?  I mean, he has so little recent practice doing those type of things. (I wonder if he remembers the process.) 

I’d pay good money to see this goofy bastard in court.  I, and most of you, have shelled out good tax money over the last several years BELIEVING Roy Cooper was going to represent us in court.  But he did little more than run for governor and complain about trannies not being able to join him in the men’s room. 

Reading his words, and listening to him on driveby media, I get an image of Richard Simmons trying to imitate Clint Eastwood’s ‘Dirty Harry.’   (Not pretty.) 

I mean, how CAN you take someone seriously who has done little more over the last four years than lay on his ass, collect a state paycheck, and moan about the need for trannies in the men’s room?   If not for God cursing Pat McCrory with the burden of Russell Peck and Ricky Diaz, Roy Cooper would be little more than a fading political memory.  (Like his twin Deborah Ross.) 

It’s probably a good idea to limit his scope of work.  He had such a tough time handling the much more limited duties of attorney general (i.e., running the crime lab, going to court, yadda-yadda-yadda)

Almost as hard to stomach as Roy Cooper are all of the leftists whining about the General Assembly police.  These troglodytes get out there and riot, and then start blubbering like babies when the cops show up to haul them away.  (The few normal people left living in Chapel Hill and Carrboro must love it when the General Assembly is in town.  The freaks clear out of Orange County, head over to Wake County, and leave the tiny minority of normal folks back home some much needed peace and quiet.) 

The First Amendment DOES NOT give you the right to shout down someone else and deprive them of their First Amendment rights.  It does not authorize you to show up at your state’s governing body. bang on the windows like maniacs, scream like lunatics, and scare the innocent families and school children who showed up for a civics lesson.

This is the professional left’s favorite trick. Send people in front of the cameras to talk peace and non-violence.  (Like John and Yoko in the 60s and 70s.)  In the meantime, have nutcases rioting and raising hell off to the side.  (Like the Black Panthers and The Weathermen also in the 60s and 70s.)  Buy into their twisted arguments, or they will crack your skull. 

The nice thing about our system is that you vote on representatives to speak for you in legislative debates.  If you pack the gallery with screaming lunatics all talking at once, you have chaos and anarchy. Intimidation occurs. NOTHING can get done.  (I wonder if Soros thinks he’s getting his money’s worth.)

*And we, on the right, are the violent ones who rely on intimidation.*