#ncpol: Hung out to dry

The liberal jackals are snarling for the chance to taste Tom Farr’s blood. He’s a lawyer who has been  a good soldier for the NCGOP over the years.  He did some legal work two decades ago for our five-times duly-elected US senator Jesse Helms.  And, for that, the late senator, his associates, and Farr are being smeared as Nazis, Klansmen, the disenfranchisers of black voters and the killers of black babies.

So much for honest debate about the issues.  The leftists are out to destroy Farr,

What makes it worse is that the guys who recommended Farr for a federal judgeship — Thom Tillis and Richard Burr — are standing by silently while the Soros Gang guts and defenestrates Farr.

That jheri-curled jackass, The Round Rev is running around peddling slanderous talking points about Farr first penned by the Southern Poverty Law Center (the folks who brought you the shooting / murder at the DC offices of the Family Research Council. )  The New York Times has run Barber’s bullshit.   Now The Charlotte Observer is stinking up its website with it.

THESE are the people Mark Walker wants to make nice with — start a dialogue with.  The Left is on a war footing to take control of every last aspect of our culture.  Tom Farr is a solid, well-qualified jurist who would do well on the federal bench.  It’s despicable to subject him to this kind of slander. Doubly despicable when coming from an alleged man-of-the-cloth.

Disagreeing with Tom Farr on the issues is one thing.  Ripping him to shreds for the “sin” of being nominated-while-conservative is another.

Here in North Carolina, we’ve seen the havoc leftist judges pushed on us by the DC swamp first-hand.  By backing President Donald Trump in 2016, we sent a message loud and clear what we want done in The Nation’s Capital.

Thom Tillis and Richard Burr need to get up off their asses and provide some return / cover fire for Mr. Farr.