An economic upturn and Bert & Ernie are still pissed

Chris Fitzsimon and Rob Schofield, the public faces of WRAL’s political arm are doing all they can to provide a chorus for The Round Rev’s symphony of racial agitation:

The Great Recession fell hardest on many communities and families that were already suffering economically, and the supposed recovery has done little to unmake economic systems that disproportionately benefit white people in North Carolina.

Disparities in outcomes did not come out of thin air; they arise from systems and policies, past and present, that create barriers to economic opportunity for people of color. For example, inequity in pay, rooted both in occupational segregation and in people of color being paid less for doing the same work as their white colleagues, is a major reason that communities of color struggle with higher levels of poverty. […] 

Are black people — people of color — really getting the shaft here in North Carolina? Let’s check in with something a little less biased — like the Census Bureau.  

According to the Census — as of 2015 — the highest paid racial group in North Carolina was “Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.”  Second highest?  Asians.  A distant third? White people. 

Take a look at the most common job categories in the state:

Among “miscellaneous managers”, Asians are the highest paid, followed by whites, and then blacks. “Native Hawaiians or Other Pacific Islanders” get the shaft in this category.

Among “Elementary and Middle School Teachers”,  “Other Native Americans” were the highest paid.  They were followed by “American Indian,” “White,” and then “Black.”  Asians got the shaft in this category.

Among “Driver / Sales Workers & Truck Drivers”,  “Blacks” were the highest paid.  They were followed by “White” and then “Native American.”

In the category “Retail Salespeople,”  “White” was the highest paid group.  They were followed by “Asian,” “Native American,” and then “Black.”

In the category “Cashiers,’‘ “Native American” was the highest paid group.  They were followed by “Asian,” “Other Native American,” “White” and then “Black.”

Oh, and the “higher levels of poverty” thing?  According to the Census folks, in 2015, white people made up 47.2% of the state’s population in poverty.  Blacks came in second at 28.8 percent. Hispanics were third at 15.1 percent.

In 2015, there were 6.39 million white residents of the state and 2.14 million black residents. A total of 4.4 million people were in the state’s workforce.

But back to Bert & Ernie’s nonsense.  They offer NO EVIDENCE of people being paid differently by race for doing the same job. (I am sure it may happen based on years of experience, job skills,etc.)  And there is NO EXPLANATION or EVIDENCE of this “occupational segregation” thingie.

This just goes to show you, liberals and their driveby media enablers love to scream and cry and get all emotional. But they never let reality — the facts — get in the way of that showboating.