#ncpol: How to “Send A Message.”

sign0b79a099ef64a287717e6c862c81f4fdI understand some folks are pretty upset out there at Raleigh and DC.  I hear some people throwing up their hands and saying they’re done and not participating anymore.  That’s a mistake.  THAT is what the other side WANTS. I’m here to offer up some advice to help you vent your frustration in the most efficient and effective way possible at the ballot box:

  1. Robert Brawley for Governor.  From toll roads to ethics to appointments, fundraising, and attempted sabotage of conservative efforts, Pat McCrory has been a big disappointment for those of us on the right.  (Some folks who followed his career in Charlotte saw this coming, and are now smugly saying ‘We told you so.’)  It’s especially frustrating to face this with the first GOP governor in two decades and only the third in 140 years.  Want to know how to really get Pat’s attention?Vote for Robert Brawley in the primary for governor.  For those who don’t know, Brawley was a legislator from the Charlotte area.  He was a tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy — calling out even his own party members on ethics issues.  The Raleigh cartel primaried him and ran him out of town. Brawley has been right on so many of the ethical allegations he’s raised. Now, it looks like his claims on the toll road mess are coming true.

    Brawley doesn’t have the campaign money McCrory does.  (Gosh knows he has a horrible campaign management team.) But he has a lot of integrity, class and conservative backbone.  You can hold your head high and feel pretty clean voting for this guy.  A vote for Brawley is a vote for conservatism and good government.  Voting for Brawley will not turn the government over to the Democrats.  If Brawley does well and gets close to McCrory, it might serve as a wakeup call to the governor and his team. And if Brawley somehow pulls off the upset?  Even better.

  2. No on ConnectNC. This is a shameless attempt by the Raleigh cartel to reach into our wallets one more time. And they want us to ratify the move.  Our own money is being used to lie to us about how important the bond issue is and what it will do for us.   Pat McCrory, Dan Forest ,and the rest of the crew are shamefully and shamelessly promoting this travesty.  Shooting it down would be quite a sweet way to show them they are not ALL THAT. 8cab9dd269402628349e5a17fbdb5b29 (1)
  3.  Fire Nelson Dollar and David Lewis.  These two guys have been the right hands to Tim Moore’s captaincy of the state House.  They’ve helped Tiny Tim bring back an environment of pay-to-play reminiscent of the Jim Black era.  Lewis was the  only Republican to vote FOR ObamaCare.  Dollar fought and blocked Medicaid reform on behalf of his medical industry donors.  He tried to get the House to spend ONE BILLION more than what the Senate or governor wanted.  Knocking off either or both of these guys in their primary races would seriously threaten the continuance of the Tim Moore speakership.  (Not necessarily the GOP majority.)  Even close victories for them would serve as quite a wakeup call to Jones Street.
  4. Anybody but Richard Burr.  We used to have great conservative representation in the form of Lauch Faircloth and Jesse Helms.  Now, we’ve got Richard Burr and Thom Tillis palling around with Lindsey Graham and John McCain.  Burr is working hard to undermine our privacy and the security of our smartphones.  He’s also blowhat-part-nocked and ridiculed efforts to kill ObamaCare.  He helped fund that travesty in the Mississippi GOP primary for US Senate.  He endorsed that dirtbag federal judge who overturned the marriage amendment AND threw this year’s congressional elections into turmoil.There are three primary opponents for Burr this year.  ALL OF THEM are running nightmarishly horrible campaigns.  But, again, if you want to knock some sense into Burr, give him a close race in the primary.  (Or, better yet, knock him OFF in the primary.)   A vote against Burr — for one of his three opponents — doesn’t throw the seat to the Dems.  It’s a way to show your displeasure with Tricky Dick.  Fifty percent in the primary would definitely get the panties of Tricky Dick and his patron, Paul Shumaker, in a wad going into the general.  

These folks LAUGH at letters and phone calls.  You can yell at them all they want.  But threaten to separate from their taxpayer-funded perks and access to power and our cash? That sinks in.  It’s like trying to take a smartphone from a teenager or candy from a fat kid.  

16 thoughts on “#ncpol: How to “Send A Message.”

  1. I’d say that the current three term incumbent Commissioner of Agriculture ought to be scared as well. After all, he’s running non-stop television ads in all NC major media markets against a firt time unknown running against him.

    I’d sure like to be able to match him ad for ad with 30 second spots outlining his Democrat big government ways…..but alas, the commercial special interests just don’t see it my way 🙂

    1. Yeah I voted against Toxler basically because he’s been there long enough. I’m getting really cynical about anyone who stays in office more than a decade. They lose touch.

  2. Want to do more than actually send a message? Financially support Liberty Torch PAC, the independent expenditure PAC which has been actually changing things and on a shoestring budget since 2012. LTP is all volunteer and doesn’t pay one red cent in compensation.

    Stop wasting your dollars on forlorn and expensive federal campaigns, and put them to good use in state and local races where you actually can change the political dynamic. Be a part of making history.


    1. Moore is a rent boy for the special interests and a tax-and-spend Big Government Repubican. We need ANY limited government Republican as Speaker.

  3. Write checks to the campaigns of the primary challengers of incumbent RINOs. Talk to your friends and tell them to throw the rascals out!
    Time is getting short!

  4. Contribute online on their websites. At this juncture that is the only way to get them money in time.

  5. Sure, I’m a liberal, and sure, we agree on virtually nil.

    But I would suggest that we have a mutual enemy, one that if swept aside, we would have a better shot at having a real debate about real issues, and not simply be divided & conquered by these guys.

    #5 Get rid of the ALEC influence on your party. What ties McCrory, Tillis, Saine, Cintra, I-77, etc. etc. together? It’s the crony-capitalism of ALEC. If you don’t demand that your politicians publicly shake it off, they’ll never really be responsive to you.

  6. “Giving up,” “staying home ,” etc. is so typical of conservatives and precisely why we never win. This article is spot on that we actually can fight back — with our votes! Each and every one of these candidates/issues represent an alternative to the pathetic status quo. Send these folks packing — or better yet get out from behind your protective key board and help these candidates win this weekend!!

  7. Done before you published. I voted Wednesday for Cruz, Brannon, Duncan, Brawley, Stevens and no on the bond. Since I suspect I’m S.O.L. on a lot of those votes, I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do in November yet.

  8. We also need to remember when the Congressional primaries roll around that we need to send a message there, too.

    We have one incumbent who has been fighting for the grassroots against the Boehner / Ryan establishment, and that is Walter Jones in the 3rd district. His main challenger is a Boehner / Ryan flunky. We can send a message by sending Walter Jones back in the 3rd.

    Otherwise, we need to ditch the challenged incumbents, who other than Mark Meadows (who has no opponent) have been Boehner / Ryan puppets. We can send a message by voting for Pattie Curran in the 5th and Mark Otto in the 7th. With the new district lines, some of the other districts are a bit fluid. Another prospect to send a message may by D’Annunzio in the 8th. I hope Jim Duncan will refile in the 6th, which would be a great opportunity to send a message there. Otherwise, there is another challenger in the 6th.

    1. Agreed, Chris Hardin is in the hunt in the 6th district against congressman Walker. Let’s not burden Hardin with another challenger when no run-offs are allowed.

  9. I voted for Brawley! NC needs him and Pat out! I have spoken to Mr Brawley and believe he is what NC needs. No more Ponzi schemes like the Cintra contract and the Connect bond. NC needs somebody with morals and that is why I voted for Mr Brawley with confidence.

  10. I agree about Robert Brawley. Robert was removed from a position of authority by then Speaker of the House Thom Tillis and Governor McCrory because he stood up for his constituents against the Republican establishment. We need more like him. Vote Robert Brawley.

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