NCGOP email back on. Doubts raised on Dallas’s ‘security’ spin.


It sounds like things are calming down at state GOP HQ.  Here’s former state Rep. Glen Bradley offering up his two cents on the crisis:


I think it’s interesting that neither Dallas nor many party stalwarts  like David Lewis noticed strained relations with Harnett. EVERYBODY who works at party HQ — and most visitors — can tell you a much different story. 

5 thoughts on “NCGOP email back on. Doubts raised on Dallas’s ‘security’ spin.

  1. Your recommendation, Mr Bradley, would make total sense if there were any adults in the room. Sadly, we are dealing with rodeo clowns who could not care less about ethics, or doing right for the Party and its members. Woodhouse & Lewis disgust me & better be removed quickly if we wish to retain any respect at all – these people are shameful.

    Any wonder the GOP struggles to get volunteers to work the polls or donate?!!

  2. The GOP has won elections for one reason…. Because Obama is so bad. Had Bill Clinton, which I am no fan, been in office Dallas would be homeless. The GOP has gone the way of the WHIG’s concerned about nothing but themselves. Just look at Tillis if you need anymore evidence.

  3. The real issue and it should not get lost in this discussion

    Delegate Fees to the NCGOP Convention

    a few on the central committee along with paid staff have raised the general/business session rate nearly double from the early bird rate last to year ($50) to now $90 on ncgopconvention website. The regular rate last year was $75 and the NCGOP Chairman sent out a call to convention returning the general/business session fee to $75 but also putting a $45 early bird rate in place

    If you are a delegate to the 2016 you should demand the Chairman’s rate and force the NCGOP to to follow the Chairman’s leadership for you the delegate and for all republicans in this state

    You might get another call to convention (letter) with a notice enclosed shifting the blame the to NCGOP executive committee for passing a budget the caused this price increase. This is a twisting of the truth if not a flat out lie. The executive committee never discussed anything dealing the the state convention or the raising of ticket/fees to the convention

    Republicans in this state need to demand the truth about the Chairman’s email account and demand a reasonable fee for the 2016 convention that the Chairman has instructed NCGOP staff to put in place

  4. You are right about “strained relations”. I have known Dallas very casually for several years going back to the AFP days.
    I was in his presence twice in the past six months and one was at headquarters with no one else present. He treated me like I was a member of the Tea Party!
    And I am!

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