A NCGOP Central Committee Meeting? (Well, isn’t that special?)

DallasThere has been a wee bit of drama at NCGOP HQ this week.  Party leaders have been conspicuously silent on the now-public spat between elected party chairman Hasan Harnett and appointed executive director Dallas Woodhouse.

Now, it appears some decisive moves are being made.  Insiders tell me that two-thirds of the  state’s district chairmen called for a special meeting of the party’s central committee — one of TWO bodies that governs the day-to-day operations of the state GOP. An email went out to party leaders yesterday afternoon announcing said special meeting for March 20.  (This was the first notice. It had not been previously scheduled.) 

*I CAN’T imagine what they might want to talk about.*clady

Perhaps someone in leadership woke up and recognized that this nonsense is not good for the party right in front of a primary election and an important general election.

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  1. Don’t get your hopes up…it will probably be another meeting to twist the blame on Chairman Harnett and VC Nix. They’ll do anything to stop the grassroots. Those CC members have their steak knives out.

  2. If the Central Committee had a shred of integrity, they would kick off everyone who doesn’t live in the newly draw districts and have new elections at the upcoming convention. This group is the most childish, power hungry bunch of old fools I have ever seen with the exception of a few.

    I’d also like to see a degree of leadership from our chair and vice chair, their performance has been lacking.

    1. Do you not think the people that are the problem now do not have the power to stack the newly drawn districts with their own new henchman

      The problem is how the central committee is formed

      The central committee needs to be voted in by the executive committee and the executive committee needs to be able to recall the board and have a new election at any time with a 2/3 vote of the executive committee

      I think the plan of organization still gives the executives committee the right to take any decision out of the central committees hands now. The best thing that could happen in the party is the executive committee disbands the central committee until the delegates meet in a few months and vote in a new plan of organization correcting our parties structural problems

  3. Has anyone learned why it was that Dallas Woodhouse was fired at AFP? Maybe a firing from NCGOP can be added to his resume. Emailgate certainly justifies it.

    We need to clean house of staff at NCGOP. Right now, we have a former Karl Rove operative, Dallas Woodhouse as Executive Director, and a former Dee Stewart operative as Political Director. How would any conservative have any confidence in that cast of characters. Rove and Stewart are major enemies of conservatives within the GOP.

    1. The only way to fix this is to have executive committee meeting and temporarily suspend the central committee and let the executive committee put a team in place to handle party business until a new plan or organization can be voted in at the upcoming convention

  4. One thing that is also a big concern is the unsigned slip of paper included with Woodhouse’s call to convention that blamed the excessive convention registration fee on the state executive committee by claiming it was ”derived” from the NCGOP budget that was passed by the executive committee. Every member of the committee should be outraged at Woodhouse’s duplicity on that.

    Let’s remember how this budget was passed. The staff (read: Woodhouse) prepared the budget and took it to the Central Committee for its recommendation. Due to the gag order in place there, we really do not know what happened in that committee. If might have been rubberstamped or it might have been amended in some way.

    Then staff brought it to the Executive Committee. They refused to provide members with copies of the budget in advance to study it or even supply copies at the meeting itself. There were projections on a screen that were not readable by all present and often not sufficient time given to even study each screen in any detail. Some specific questions by committee members were stonewalled with no real answers provided. Finally there was a divided vote to approve this not very well presented budget. Staff and some of their supporters whined that if this budget was not passed, the party would have to close up shop.

    My recollection was that convention proceeds were presented in one lump sum, with no breakout of registration fees versus revenue from other convention events such as dinners and luncheons. If they hid a large registration fee in there, it was certainly not presented to the executive committee.

    This was Woodhouse’s budget, subject to any unknown changes by the Central Committee. The Executive Committee had it rammed down their throats with no effective opportunity to study or consider it.

    For Woodhouse to blame the executive committee’s rubberstamping of his budget for his excessive convention registration fee is absolutely preposterous. The executive committee also needs to demand more timely and detailed information on proposed party budgets in the future. It should not permit itself to be jacked around this way by party staff.

    1. Hear, hear
      Hear, hear

      Everything you said here is 110% percent correct

      “unsigned slip of paper” is a outrage even more of a outrage than locking the chairman out of his email. This slip of paper is a major twisting of the truth if not a outright lie.

      Every delegate to this years convention should have to read you posting so they can be informed to the truth and that the executive committee was blind sided by what is happening and the executive committee needs to have a meeting to get to the bottom of these issues

      Every delegate to last years convention should also read this and be outraged that this is how things are being handled after the delegates mandated a change in the establishments status quo

      1. Woodhouse may have been too much of a coward to sign it, but there is no doubt where that unsigned slip of paper came from. He is now attacking the whole executive committee.

    2. I attended the High Point meeting and can attest that your comments are on point. Frankly, it’s time for County leaders to lay it on the line with the Governor because county organizations hold the real power. No immediate major reforms in this Party = no support for the Governor next fall and the neither the Governor nor other statewide office seekers can afford that. Specifically, reforms need to include monitoring of Central Committee meetings by Executive Committee members whom are neither legislators nor members of the Central Committee, due to the fact that the Central Committee clearly needs intensive oversight. Speaking of legislators, as long as HB 373 remains law, legislators should be denied voting participation in Party meetings and conventions due to the fact that they now belong to a “Party affiliated committee” which is a de facto political party according to HR 373, thus they are not legitimate members of the NCGOP.

      1. Yes every Executive Committee member should go to this upcoming Central Committee meeting (March 20th or when ever they end up having it) and let the Central Committee know that we do not approve of how they are running things and to show support for the Chairman that did the Right thing in setting the fees to this years convention

        Thanks for thinking my ideas were on point people clap cheer and then come time for a vote and then you end up with no support. I just do not understand it. Then after the meeting a central committee member told me I have bat sh#t crazy ideas well I guess that is probably a good thing since “Lindsey Graham: recently said “My party has gone batsh#t crazy.” so it safe to say I am fighting on the right side to keep the republican party the conservative party

  5. In any organization in which I have ever served, great pains were taken by all involved to make sure that the organization and its leaders looked good to the public. Our “hired hand” up at the NCGOP, Dallas Woodhouse doesn’t seem to get this. It’s as if he is focused on seeing just how ridiculous he can possibly make the NCGOP look on a daily basis.
    Dallas Woodhouse is an embarrassment!

  6. Mr. Woodhouse’s antics prove that it doesn’t matter if you have a Pro-Liberty, Pro-Tea Party Chair and Vice-Chair leading the party. The only way you can positively change the NCGOP is to elect Pro-Liberty & Tea Party “District Chairman” to the Central Committee.

    Too often, Conservatives will attend their County Convention but miss their District Convention this has GOT TO STOP!!!!

    Elections for District Chairs take place in 2017 and every odd-numbered year after that.

    Right now, Daniel Rufty is the only one fighting the good fight please send him some help in 2017.

  7. Lets drill down into Woodhouse’s budgeting. It is hard to know how much time Woodhouse himself put into it and how much he delegated to other staff, but at the end of the day, he signed off on the result. Unless the Secret Squirrel Gang on the Central Committee, that has its little gag order in place so we in the grassroots do not know what is going on, made some changes we cannot find out about before it was presented to the Executive Committee, then Woodhouse’s handiwork is what the Executive Committee voted on.

    The question is whether Woodhouse knew, or did not know, that his figures would put pressure on delegate fees. How much did Woodhouse know and when did he know it? If he knew and submitted it that way anyway, he is devious and deceitful. If he did not know, he is incompetent. Either way, we do not need him as ED.

    The case for Woodhouse knowing what he was doing would be based on the fact that Woodhouse functions as the ED of a faction, not of the party as a whole, and depressing the turnout of other elements of the party would benefit his masters as to the convention results they want.

    The case for Woodhouse being incompetent is based on, well, Woodhouse.

    As to fundraising, I seem to recall that those who hired Woodhouse claimed one of the main reasons was that he was a great fundraiser. I guess that has not panned out. His main competitor had a detailed fundraising plan, unlike Woodhouse, but that did not seem to be good enough for the Secret Squirrel Gang on the Central Committee.

    It came out later that when Woodhouse headed Carolina Rising and publicly claimed numerous contributors that the records showed only one contributor, a Karl Rove operation. Woodhouse was nothing but Karl Rove’s front man in the Senate race.

    The Plan of Organization does not list fundraising as one of the duties of the chairman.

    There are other ways to raise money than to soak grassroots Republican delegates on the basic registration fee.

    On a related topic, does anyone know why Woodhouse was fired at AFP?

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