A NCGOP Central Committee Meeting? (Well, isn’t that special?)

DallasThere has been a wee bit of drama at NCGOP HQ this week.  Party leaders have been conspicuously silent on the now-public spat between elected party chairman Hasan Harnett and appointed executive director Dallas Woodhouse.

Now, it appears some decisive moves are being made.  Insiders tell me that two-thirds of the  state’s district chairmen called for a special meeting of the party’s central committee — one of TWO bodies that governs the day-to-day operations of the state GOP. An email went out to party leaders yesterday afternoon announcing said special meeting for March 20.  (This was the first notice. It had not been previously scheduled.) 

*I CAN’T imagine what they might want to talk about.*clady

Perhaps someone in leadership woke up and recognized that this nonsense is not good for the party right in front of a primary election and an important general election.