ConnectNC: pro-bond campaign a feast for consultants

Some of the parasites who regularly feast on our political and governmental process are “chowing down” on the PR campaign pigsfor the multi-billion dollar bond issue on the March ballot. From the ConnectNC campaign finance reports, we found the following:

  • Cornerstone Solutions of Raleigh has been paid $753,892.18 in “consulting fees”
  • Campaign Connections (Brad Crone of NC Spin fame) has been paid $70,482.43 in “consulting services”
  • Strategic Media Services of Arlington, VA has been paid $538,803.00 for, of course, “media expense”
  • Alexander Killens, Jim Hunt’s scandal-plagued DMV commissioner, was paid $50,118.40 for “sign distribution” and “warehousing.”
  • Kohn Associates of Raleigh got $65,858.09.
  • Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein got paid $23,493.00 for “legal services.”
  • PCS Marketing of Ohio got $21,498.72 for “direct mail.”
  • Public Opinion Strategies, from the DC area, got $26,900.00 for “phone bank survey.”

THAT could be used to pay for a  lot of stuff on school campuses across the state.  Say NO to ConnectNC.