#ncpol: Delaying SCOTUS appeal on voter ID ruling until NEXT YEAR. (Really?)

That’s the line of thinking percolating amidst NCGOPe circles in Raleigh.  The argument?  I am told that top pro- arguments include (1) one less distraction during campaign season, and (2) the chance there will be a new Supreme Court justice in DC who will give our state a fair shake.

My first problem with that thinking?  We COULD be saddled with GOVERNOR Roy Cooper and ATTORNEY GENERAL Josh Stein ( andy maybe speaker Larry Hall)  in January.  WHO will be left — with standing — to file or argue said appeal?   Josh? Roy? Larry?  Nope, nope, and nope.

The NCGOPe needs to go for broke prior to the November vote.  They’ve got a very dispirited base out here in flyover country.  People are starving for some leadership.  They want to see someone fighting for them.  Come on!  Those judges cited THE DAILY SHOW , of all things, in their argument to throw the voter ID law out.  (Talk about pulling something out of your rectum.) 

Is the concern about negative news coverage?  McClatchy and Mr. Goodmon are already giving you that, and are reloading to give you some more.    

Meanwhile, the lefties are moving full-speed ahead to stomp the last breath of life out of voter ID.

I, and an awful lot of voters out here, would rather see a passionate fight that ends in a loss, than to have NO FIGHT AT ALL and the bad guys celebrating.