#ncpol: Delaying SCOTUS appeal on voter ID ruling until NEXT YEAR. (Really?)

That’s the line of thinking percolating amidst NCGOPe circles in Raleigh.  The argument?  I am told that top pro- arguments include (1) one less distraction during campaign season, and (2) the chance there will be a new Supreme Court justice in DC who will give our state a fair shake.

My first problem with that thinking?  We COULD be saddled with GOVERNOR Roy Cooper and ATTORNEY GENERAL Josh Stein ( andy maybe speaker Larry Hall)  in January.  WHO will be left — with standing — to file or argue said appeal?   Josh? Roy? Larry?  Nope, nope, and nope.

The NCGOPe needs to go for broke prior to the November vote.  They’ve got a very dispirited base out here in flyover country.  People are starving for some leadership.  They want to see someone fighting for them.  Come on!  Those judges cited THE DAILY SHOW , of all things, in their argument to throw the voter ID law out.  (Talk about pulling something out of your rectum.) 

Is the concern about negative news coverage?  McClatchy and Mr. Goodmon are already giving you that, and are reloading to give you some more.    

Meanwhile, the lefties are moving full-speed ahead to stomp the last breath of life out of voter ID.

I, and an awful lot of voters out here, would rather see a passionate fight that ends in a loss, than to have NO FIGHT AT ALL and the bad guys celebrating.  

17 thoughts on “#ncpol: Delaying SCOTUS appeal on voter ID ruling until NEXT YEAR. (Really?)

    1. It’s good that an appeal is coming post-haste. (Does ASAP mean 2017, though?) My information IS correct about the idea of waiting until 2017 to appeal being seriously considered.

  1. What we need now is a democrap style GOTV effort. And maybe using Bully Barber’s method of renting some vans and trucking the same people around to multiple precincts to vote at each one. I have had two relatives pass away this year…two votes to be had :).

    1. Regardless, it is a comedy show that is always selectively edited to put their narrative spin on things…not exactly sworn testimony, or reputable in the least. They might as well be referencing a Saturday Night Live skit as being factual….or for that matter CNN ABC NBC CBS .

    2. It wasn’t just the Daily Show. He made similar comments on the record of the House Rules Committee as they were working on the Voter ID bill. He pretty much said explicitly that the intent of the bill was to hurt the Democrats by “disenfranchis(ing)” some of their “special voting blocks” ie., African-Americans.

      “Some of the statements by those supporting the legislation included a Republican precinct chairman who testified before the
      House Rules Committee that the photo ID requirement would
      “disenfranchise some of [Democrats’] special voting blocks
      [sic],” and that “that within itself is the reason for the photo
      voter ID, period, end of discussion.” See J.A. 1313-14; Yelton
      testimony, Transcript of Public Hearing of the North Carolina
      General Assembly, House Elections Committee (Apr. 10, 2013)


      1. Come on? A PRECINCT chairman????? I doubt anyone checked to see if he really even did hold that very lowly position. He could well have been a Democrat plant. In any event, there is no party where a precinct chairman has any authority to speak for the party.

        But even then, nothing in this quote has a darn thing to do with qualified black voters. The bill would suppress the vote of three Democrat voting blocks that OUGHT to be suppressed because they are not legal voters: 1) illegal alien voters, 2) deceased voters, and 3) fictitious voters (see ACORN

        The whole point is that this corrupt politicized court WANTS those non-qualified voters to be able to vote to steal the election for the Democrats. These judges are a disgrace to the court. They are accessories before the fact to election fraud.

        1. But even then, nothing in this quote has a darn thing to do with qualified black voters.

          Except that Yelton then specifically mentioned blacks in his Daily Show comments.

          “If it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it.” And then put the cherry on top with, “The law is going to kick the Democrats in the butt,”

          I know that Don Yelton doesn’t speak for the NCGOP, and I’m sure the judges knew that too. The opinion identifies him as a precinct chairman, pretty much the lowest “official” in party hierarchy. And if I’m not mistaken, he was elected to that lofty position by a 2 – 1 vote – him & his wife, versus the one other person in the room.

          The opinion doesn’t cite him as proof of racial intent in the drafting of the bill, simply as evidence of the racial and partisan climate that existed in the General Assembly at the time.

          For more solid evidence, on the very next page, they go into the data that the committees requested on who would be most adversely affected by the various provisions of the Voter ID bill. African-Americans were clearly going to be impacted disproportionately on every contemplated change except one – the proposed restrictions on absentee voting. Whites would be most affected by that. So, naturally, the NCGA exempted
          absentee voting from the voter ID requirement.

          “In sum, relying on this racial data, the General Assembly enacted legislation restricting all — and only — practices disproportionately used by African Americans.”

          Doesn’t look good, does it?

      2. If they had actualy referenced some credible source then it would make some sense. But why would they not have called the guy in to testify rather than rely on third hand information? The reason being that the journalists were doing what they do and spinning his words…if he had testified then it would not fit the narrative. The sad truth is that the 4th court got the word from Barry or their handlers that they have to rule a certain way and they did so for partisan purposes.

        1. Obama judges are little more than political operatives. They make political decisions, not judicial ones, and this is just another example. Hillary judges would be the same, and our court system would probably never recover from 12 solid years of far left political appointments.

          1. Not sure we can recover even now. Until now, I wasn’t sure about this, but I think we must proceed to a Convention of States.

    3. So Comedy Central is now credible in the kangaroo courts the Obama regime has stacked with radical judges?

      Our IRS has been politicized and corrupted as has our FBI. Now our courts.

      1. And “leadership” from the Governor on down who’ve not the will to stand up to the rapidly spreading tyranny.

      2. Maybe the next precedent will be set by the actual Captain Kangaroo. Pretty much as good a source as the Daily Show.

        1. Accepting a mere precinct chairman’s comments as having any relevance to the party’s position is about like accepting the 4th Circuit’s receptionist’s speculation for what the opinion of the court is. These buzzards knew that. This was a political hatchet job from start to finish.

  2. Dallas, it would be the correct thing to do to answer the question asked of you. That question being ” Does ASAP mean 2017, though”.

    Browny Douglas

  3. Whoever in the NCGOPe told you that is uninformed – federal law requires writs of certiorari appealing a Circuit Court of Appeals decision to be done within 90 days of the Circuit Court’s judgment being appealed (28 USC 2101(c)).

    So the very latest this decision could be appealed is October 27th of this year.

    It would still be a bad choice though: a 4-4 split by SCOTUS would leave the lower court ruling in place. But the NCGA could convene another special session and adopt a new bill.

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