Readin’, ritin’, ‘rithmetic and — THE GENDER UNICORN!

Forget about Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Barney.  There is a NEW cute, cuddly beast ready to educate and entertain your young ones. Yes, it’s Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ “Gender Unicorn” — aimed at helping educate everyone about the, um, mysteries of gender.  Here he  she, um, IT is:


YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.   This cute little guy makes his debut THIS fall.  Here are some of the, um, highlights of the CMS “training” program:

[…] 1. Parental involvement dependent on student’s permission: “Involvement of parents in the plan is determined in working with the student, considering the student’s age and health, well being and safety concerns” (pg. 34).2400

2. Students can choose their bathrooms and changing facilities: “Students must have access to the restroom/changing facilities that correspond to their gender identity” (pg. 42).

3. CMS will remove some gender-based activities: “CMS will evaluate all gender-based activities; maintain only those that have clear and sound pedagogical purpose” (pg. 46).

4. Students can choose their gender-based activities (intramural sports, dress codes, classes, ceremonies, photos, extracurricular activities, etc). This includes choosing which gender they participate with during overnight field trips: “Students are permitted to participate in gender-based activities consistent with their gender identity.” (pg. 46).

5. Students shall not be referred to as “boys and girls” in classrooms, but “scholars” or “students.” : “Avoid gender specific classroom management techniques” (pg. 46).

So, the kids and the school staff decide how involved parents will be? And letting junior high and high school boys decide whether they want to sleep with the boys OR the girls?  *WHAT COULD GO WRONG?*

And NO MORE boys and girls ???  These people are out of their minds.  i say we let Charlotte secede and form its OWN COUNTRY.  (They can then go as crazy as they want, and I don’t have to pay for it. )

5 thoughts on “Readin’, ritin’, ‘rithmetic and — THE GENDER UNICORN!

  1. Hey, if I were in the 14-18 year range and in High Screwel I would loooooove #4. Permission to spend the night with the girls, maybe just the two of us in a room.

    Then there is #2, getting to hang out in the girls’ locker room with no consequences. I guess the movie Porky’s would no longer be needed…LOL!

  2. Where the hell are the parents?!? Is anyone paying any attention?!? Are CMS so proficient in basic math, reading and writing that the Board can afford to spend its time in this sort of crap?!?!

    1. The parents do not matter. In fact the policies directly note that parents do not have to be informed or have consent. Even if the parents showed up to the meetings they would be ignored as the whole Charlotte area is hell bent on allowing men to go in women’s facilities. Charlotte must be a paradise if that is the biggest issue they have.

    2. The state legislature needs to require that parents can demand privacy rights for their children and have some very very severe penalties for school personnel which do not follow through on those privacy rights.

  3. it looks like the Charlotte School Board is trying to disobey state law on bathrooms and locker rooms. The state should cut off all funding to these scoflaws until they comply with state law. If boys are allowed in girls locker rooms or bathrooms, parents should be pressing criminal charges for peeping tom and for indecent exposure against the student perverts and for contributing to the delinquincy of a minor against school personnel. Charge them, prosecute them, lock them up.

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