#ncpol: Color her confused

We’ve got to give props where they are due.  Rob Christensen’s son — Colin Campbell — did some fine work on Friday evening:


SPEAKERMOOREPORTRAITThat’s right, House Republicans. Your fearless leader — The Duke of Cleveland — has been outed as a “supportive African-American leader” by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Tim Moore — a brother down with the struggle.  Who knew? 

Though, young Mr. Campbell didn’t catch another faux pas by the Nurse Ratched  campaign.  Charles Graham — at the bottom of Campbell’s blurb is no more African-American than Tim Moore is.  Mr. Graham is Native American.  In fact, he is a member of Robeson County’s Lumbee Tribe.  *Oops.*

If you’re going to play the race pimp game, at least label people properly.

Now, couple this with Bill Clinton getting Iran and Iraq confused.     Or these emails detailingdownload (1) Hillary’s struggle with the concept of a fax machine (and many other things).  

Don’t be surprised that you haven’t heard a lot about this stuff in the driveby media.  Though, you would have if this couple happened to have the letter R next to their names.