#ncpol: Binky gets a little hinky with crime lab facts

wralbutton5-1Laura Leslie had an attack of honesty not tobinker rollo long ago — when she admitted that the HB2 “losses” were really not that big of a deal to North Carolina’s economy.  We’re still waiting for her sidekick Binky to be introduced to spin-free, honest reporting.

A few days back, I ran a piece about Moore County’s sheriff seeking permission to contract out the crime lab work for his department.  Sheriff Godfrey cited delays at the crime lab hurting his department’s productivity.  I KNEW the Democrats would scream partisan politics — given that our county board and our sheriff are Republicans.  Sure enough, Binky has eagerly picked up that spin and run with it — like Forrest Gump:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper has put a new ad on the air striking back at Republican accusations that he mismanaged the State Crime Lab.

With more than a month to go before the election, Cooper’s handling of the crime lab as attorney general continues to be a centerpiece of GOP attacks against him, so it’s no surprise to see him seeking to undercut that line of attack.

Cooper’s new spot, which first aired on broadcast television in North Carolina on Sunday, features three county sheriffs: Charles Blackwood of Orange County, Michael Andrews of Durham County and Calvin Woodard Jr. of Wilson County. All three are Democrats, much like the sheriffs featured in a recent spot for GOP Gov. Pat McCrory are all Republicans.cooper

The ad pushes back against accusations that Cooper was responsible for a backlog of DNA test kits discovered early in his tenure.

“Gov. McCrory should stop playing politics with crime,” Blackwood says in the spot’s kicker.

*Oh, and since when does hauling sheriffs in uniform in front of the camera to bash your opponent NOT constitute “playing politics with crime”?*

Back to the Moore County story.  The documentation supporting our sheriff’s request included other area agencies that work with this same private cbinker1rime lab.  Cumberland County — whose board of commissioners and sheriff are Democrats — was one of those listed.  So, it appears that law enforcement frustration with Roy Cooper’s crime lab is a bipartisan sentiment. 

It would be interesting to see just how many North Carolina law enforcement agencies outsource their crime lab work.  But THAT would take work.  And why would Binky stoop to working when it is so much easier to regurgitate Roy’s ad copy?