#ncpol: It’s ALL about Trump

Trump-TIMEI’ve been watching this politics game for more than three decades now.  I can’t recall — even during the Reagan years — a presidential candidate sucking ALL of the oxygen out of the room during a campaign.  I talk to a lot of people all over the state.  I get around the state quite a bit.  One common theme I have discovered:  No one is talking about candidates or races below the presidential line.  All of the excitement, interest and curiosity centers on the battle for The White House.  

You have to force the issue to get a discussion going about Pat McCrory or Richard Burr.  You would think there would be more excitement and passion about reelecting our first Republican governor in decades.  Around the barber shops, golf courses, and card games, the discussion is dominated by talk of Trump. 

People are actually pulling out their wallets to BUY Trump-Pence bumper stickers and yard signs.  Here in yellow-dog Republican Moore County, I’ve seen a grand total of ZERO Pat McCrory bumper stickers and TWO recycled-from-2012 yard signs on road shoulders.  I am seeing Trump stuff ALL OVER THE PLACE.  

The pollsters are trying to sell us on a nail-biter of a race.  But, if you get out and see the state and talk to real people, you begin to see that North Carolina is looking a lot like serious Trump Country.  It may be due more to abject fear of the prospect of President Pantsuit Pneumonia.   Regardless of the motivation, Donald Trump appears to be the hottest political commodity in the Tar Heel State right now.

I’ve seen news stories about various Republican pols claiming to have better things to do when Trump comes to town.  Right now, the smartest place for a North Carolina Republican candidate to be is right beside the GOP presidential nominee.  The folks you want voting for you are already right there with him.