NCGOP’s Harnett: Kill the poll tax!

In a surprise move, the actual elected chairman of the state Republican Party resurfaced to comment on the issues we raised in yesterday’s post on the upcoming NCGOP convention:

Setting the Record Straight – Poll Tax
We are the North Carolina Republican Party.
We believe in self-determination, liberty and the American Dream. We embrace diversity while celebrating our own individuality. We are strong, focused, determined, loyal, and committed.

We are inclusive and welcoming to ALL Republicans. download
We are teenagers, college students, working professionals, retirees, business owners and investors.

We congregate at the NC GOP State Convention each year.
To conduct important Republican business, elect Republican leaders, engage, empower, uplift one another and define who we are. Therefore, Republicans should be able to fully participate in the process of electing our Republican leaders no matter how rich or how poor they are.

We all have our own expectations in how the NC GOP State Convention is run.
Like you, I had not been privy to the signed convention paperwork and contracts. In 2015, the fee to participate was $75 per delegate. Last Sunday, however; the general business session fee went up to $90 per delegate. This price was set, unbeknownst to me, as the finalized market price recommended by the staff. As you may know, there are many costs associated with running a convention. Likewise, the general business session fee is a great burden to our young and old delegates, especially delegates on fixed incomes. Take a look at this.

General Business Session Fees
2017 – $??
2016 – $90
2015 – $75
2014 – $60Dallas

We must eliminate this poll tax.
As a candidate for Chairman, that was my pledge to you in 2015. Actions do speak louder than words and to make good on my pledge, I sacrificed a six-figure Chairman salary. I volunteer sixty-plus hours a week so that ALL Republicans can have a voice in our party. That’s one of the reasons why I am here. Likewise, I believe the party in good faith should add seats at the table for ALL Republicans.

Even if the poll tax is not eliminated this year, I believe we can learn from our very own Republican-led legislature. In essence, they reduced statewide income taxes year over year to increase revenue stream. Therefore, we must reduce and/or eliminate the very tax we’re putting on our delegates. I have instructed the staff to create a $45 early bird special for the general business session. This is a $30 reduction in last year’s fee ($75-45 = $30) and $45 less ($90-45 = $45) than the staff recommended fee for 2016. Additionally, I have instructed the staff to create business scholarships or a click to pledge option for those who wish to help with offsetting the general business session fees. Stay tuned.

We must diversify our NCGOP fundraising efforts and have more fun.
Why not add a famous comedian, musician or movie star to our fundraising events and line-up? Why not set up some sort of friendly fun competition betmichele-and-hasan-e1433772184264ween the Republican leaders in the House and the Senate? With this in mind, we are raising funds for initiative. Join us and Race to the Finish Line with Richard “the King” Petty: on March 22nd. I am confident fundraisers like these will also ensure Republicans have a voice at the state convention

We must come together as one Party to defeat the Democrats.
A house divided will fall. That is why we must be united heading into November. We must have energetic turnout, momentum and consensus in all our ranks. We must positively impact our people, process, policy, and positioning within the minds of others all across our respective communities in North Carolina. Collectively, this is the clearest path to victory and how we will win in 2016.

As your CHAIRMAN, I stand by my pledge.
You have every right to hear from your party leaders and know what’s going on with your Republican party. You deserve the truth. I believe in fairness, transparency and a stronger Republican party.

Sounds like you’ve got your marching orders, Dallas.   (*Get to it, boy.* )

17 thoughts on “NCGOP’s Harnett: Kill the poll tax!

  1. The Plan of Organization used to say convention fees for county and district conventions were voluntary. Counties and Districts could post a # for a suggested donation $$ to cover convention costs or if they had a fundraising goal they were trying to reach for the event – BUT the plan clearly stated it was a donation and not a requirement

    at some time in the last few years this was removed from the plan of organization and thus giving counties and districts free reign on charging anything they desire for their conventions.

    I urge everyone to contact the plan of organization committee to get the language put back in the plan to protect the delegates on the county and district level

  2. I really like this idea of removing Dallas’$ free health insurance that is subsidized by the NCGOP. Maybe if Dallas lived in the real world and faced the astronomical health insurance premiums most Americans are facing he would learn to pinch pennies. And, I can gaurantee he would not be so eager to support Tillis,Burr, Elmers, Holding and the rest of the Rino liars that have consistently funded Obama Care. #DefundDallas’$freehealthinsurance

  3. Hopefully everyone understands the translation. Staff = Dallas Woodhouse.

    Hassan’s move is brilliant. He gets credit with the delegates for reducing the registration fee, if this sticks, and Woodhouse and his allies on the Central Committee end up in the dog house if they fight him on this.

    Woodhouse’s recommended registration fee is unreasonable in the extreme.

    1. The convention website has not be updated yet with the $45 early bird
      They have a $50 student rate this should also be changed to $45 for the duration of ticket sales

      hopefully the convention website will be updated soon with the Chairman’s wishes

  4. The early bird price works for me. I propose that any money shortages after this convention be paid by the ED.

    1. are you talking about the $350 early bird for everything

      or the general session only that should change from 90 to $45 for a early bird also

      1. I’m talking about the $90 to $45 early bird price for the general session. The full price or early bird everything price is not something I’m considering. That money is better spent on local candidates.

        1. OK sorry I misread your first post. I read it that it worked for you on the convention website my bad. not as you had said to approve of the $45 price change

          Hopefully it will work soon on the convention site so everyone can sign up

          1. My bad. I could have been a lot more clear.

            I’m also hopeful that all interested Republicans can sign up and that we can have a legitimate convention.

  5. It is important to note that the last presidential election cycle, the (late) registration was $35. That was in 2012. Only 4 years ago. I thought THAT was high. But more importantly, it was held at the GREENSBORO KOURY CONVENTION CENTER!!! The SAME location as the convention this year! Why so much higher fees?

    1. without a full audit of the convention expenses the only thing seem logically possible is that they are using the general session fees as a fundraiser

  6. State elected officials most likely pay their registration fee from their campaign funds, they could care less how much it costs since they are not paying it themselves.

  7. Harnett, sir, you have a bright future and we who understand that it is very likely you have been under a great deal of pressure to “play along to get along” and to forego your deepest convictions as well as your campaign promises are very proud of you for openly stepping up. Anyone who can stand up to the establishment is a hero. Nowadays when the world is rapidly decaying we sorely need a Godly leader with integrity and guts. We don’t need miracles, just an inspiration. You are that man. Thank you.

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