#ncga: Two firms (on the same day) SHOW Speaker Tim the Money ($12K !!!)

“Show me the money !!!” download-14

–Rod Tidwell, Phoenix Cardinals and Jerry Maguire, sports agent


Twelve large is a lot of money for three people to dump on one legislator all on ONE DAY who (a) does not represent their home communities, and (b) has no opposition in this election.  But that, according to recent filings from Speaker Tim Moore’s campaign, is what has happened.

John Hutton is vice-president of Charlotte-based Wildlands Engineering, which says it specializes in “water resources, stream and wetland restoration, and water quality management.”    According to Moore campaign records, he donated $2000 to the campaign on October 28.

download-15Stephanie Westmoreland is president of Winston-Salem based North State Environmental.   North State is into a lot of the same things Hutton’s group is into.  According to Moore campaign records, Westmoreland contributed $5000 to the Moore campaign on October 28.

Darrell Westmoreland is CEO/Founder of North State Environmental.    According to Moore campaign records, Mr. Westmoreland contributed $5000 on October 28.