#ncga: The Hamlet of Cherryville

FullSizeRenderThere’s an old saying about how when you find yourself in a hole you need to stop digging.  (It took a while for Renee Ellmers to grasp that with her late-term abortion fiasco.  I am betting it’s going to take a while with state Rep. Kelly Hastings.)

It’s the same story time and again.  Hastings gets on Facebook to moan about how mean people are to him about his decision-making at “the office” on Jones Street. Then, John Blust comes swooping in like a bird of prey to smack him down.  It’s like The Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote.  You know it’s going to end badly for him, but the coyote just keeps doing the same thing — chasing that bird. 

Let’s check out some of Thursday’s action on Hastings’s Facebook page: 11194489_10206888852006839_6059233769059783773_o


THAT post from Hastings brought a retort from a commenter who probably knows what the RFRA is:



Then, Nicole Revels — Senator Jeff Tarte’s worst nightmare — jumped into the fray:







Then,  John Blust — Roadrunner to Hastings’s coyote — shows up to drop a match in the gasoline:






And Ms. Revels came back through to bat cleanup. (I can see why Senator Tarte called security on her.  She’s tough!)










4 thoughts on “#ncga: The Hamlet of Cherryville

  1. Please don’t pick on poor Rep. Hastings just because he loves polar bears and wants the greater good of the hard core environmental movement.

    Of course, Hastings supports his local Solyndra. Crony capitalist green energy operations cannot stand on their own two feet in the free market. They have to have taxpayer subsidies and government mandates that feed them money from higher electric bills for ratepayers in order to survive. Subsidizing these Solyndras is all part of President Obama’s plan for a greener America, and that is what Obama Republicans like Hastings do.

    Of course, Hastings is totally unconcerned about the higher electric bills for all those peon electric ratepayers, and he is right to take that position. They don’t matter as much as President Obama’s plan for a greener America. President Obama said that his plan would ”cause electric bills to necessarily skyrocket” but who cares? It is all for the love of polar bears and the greater good of the hard core environmental movement.

    Rep. Hastings is smart to focus on the handful of jobs at his local Solyndra. No need to think about all the jobs at other places that would be lost due to electric rates skyrocketing.

    I am sure I speak for President Obama when I say he would be so proud of Kelly Hastings, a man after the President’s own heart in his love for polar bears and the greater good of the hard core environmental movement. Too bad, he is a Republican, but that is probably the only way a liberal could be elected in that district, and Obama Republicans really aren’t so bad after all.

    If we had had more Kelly Hastings out there, I probably would not have had Florida and my presidency stolen from me.

  2. Hasting and Ramsey trying to convince people that supporting PROGRESSIVE bills that redistribute taxpayer dollars to select green energy businesses (that just happened to donate to certain campaigns)? Why am I not surprised. When will they be honest and admit to the voters that they are not Conservatives?

    Next they’ll be at the NCGOP Convention whipping up votes for their “conservative” buddy Collins and clapping for their neoconservative hero John Bolton who wants to keep the US in endless debt fueled wars.

    1. You may be closer to the truth than you imagine. One of the two consultants paid off by Big Solar to orchestrate this rent seeking special interest campaign is one Dee Stewart. Dee Stewart is also the campaign consultant for Craig Collins. ‘Nuf said!

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