#ncgop: Claude Pope endorses Collins in chairman race

claude popeThe outgoing state party chairman has joined the rest of the elected and unelected party establishment in endorsing 10th congressional district GOP chairman Craig Collins to be the next state party chairman.

THAT robo-call came out shortly after a slick glossy mailer (referred to affectionately in state political circles as a ‘Dee Stewart special’ ) touting Collins showed up in GOP activists’ mailboxes across the state.

The other announced chairman candidate, Tea Partier Hasan Harnett, has also disseminated some literature touting his candidacy.

We’re still hearing that we could get at least TWO MORE names thrown into the chairman’s race from the floor at June’s state convention. Both names I’ve heard have been political heavy-hitters. collins

I am hearing some other scuttlebutt in the wake of Carolyn Justice’s departure from the establishment ticket for party leadership.  Sources tell me that the Collins camp is making serious overtures in an attempt to woo vice chairman candidate Michelle Nix into forming some kind of alliance.  I am hearing the Nix team is receptive to this wooing, but cannot get direct confirmation from the Nix team. 

7 thoughts on “#ncgop: Claude Pope endorses Collins in chairman race

  1. Each of these races should be run separately.

    Making an alliance with Collins means getting in bed with Dee Stewart, which is a huge negative to conservatives, especially after Stewart has been a major player for the green left in their special interest corporate welfare push in the General Assembly, AND Stewart has gotten involved in trying to prop up liberal Congresswoman Renee Ellmers.

  2. So the current paid chairman is endorsing the other candidate that is also looking for a big payday from the party for a position that should be volunteer.

    If anyone else is going to get into the race they should declare now and not wait till the convention floor. The delegates need to know that they have a reason to show up. A reason to scrap together gas and hotel money to attend the convention

    We have to stop the elected officials from controlling the state party and the grassroot volunteers have to take this party back

    1. I concur that additional candidates should go ahead and get into the race. Neither of the announced candidates is that impressive, and a good candidate getting in would generate more turnout of people who might not otherwise go to the convention.

  3. Michele is an independent candidate and has formed no alliances. Her campaign is focused on strength through party unity. She will work with whomever emerges victor in the Chair position.

    1. Well, I’m certainly glad to hear it. The guy representing her at the District convention I attended, led me to believe she’s anything but the usual Establishment hacks we’ve had for VC since the late Timothy Johnson served. Had she joined up with the Governor’s man, I would have been very disappointed.

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