#ncgop: Michelle Nix, independent candidate

We’ve been hearing  that NCGOP vice chairman candidate Michelle Nix is being wooed ‘hot-and-heavy’ by the camp of the establishment candidate for state party nix1chairman, Craig Collins.  We’re hearing it from Murphy to Manteo. From party insiders to Tea Party activists.  We thought it was fair to get the word straight from Mrs. Nix’s mouth. She released this written statement to us today:

[…] I would like to make it clear that I am running for Vice-Chair of the North Carolina Republican Party and only that. The rumors going around that I am aligning myself with a candidate for State Chair are simply false.

I am an independent candidate — I was neither handpicked nor drafted. I am not running on anyone’s slate; however, I believe that all announced candidates for North Carolina Republican Party Chairman are well-qualified and I consider both candidates to be tremendous assets to the party. I am solely focused on my campaign to restore strength, unity, and victory to the North Carolina Republican Party. As Vice-Chair, I will work hard to ensure that I bridge the gap between the grassroots and the state party. I am looking forward to continued dialogue from all wings of the party. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: michelenixforvicechair@gmail.com — I value everyone’s input! […]

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  1. Since when did the haymaker start taking politicians and candidates at their word? If it looks like a fish, smells like a fish…. It’s probably a fish.

    She is cozying up to collins to gain his supporters while trying to say she isn’t? How will a VC candidate unite the party when she and her husband constantly seek to weed out “RINOs”? Today’s jeb bush event she was getting a selfie. So yesterday she was against the RINO, today she is taking a selfie with the type? Seems genuine.

    1. If you think Michele Nix is even remotely establishment or RINO, you’re clearly living under a rock. Yeah, she has friends on all sides, yeah, she’s taken selfies with some bad politicians, but if that’s your only argument it doesn’t stand. I suggest you stop making statements based off of assumptions. This is the closest LiberTEA has ever gotten to a state party seat, and we don’t need folks like you try and dilute the message.

    2. It is a sad day to be a Republican if we cannot take other Republicans at their word

      I will take Michele at her word cause at this time she has given me no reason not to trust her. I think she is wanting the best for this party but more important her desire for conservative values which is what the party needs to focus on to win elections.

      Values trump Money

      Lets talk about Money. Collins wants to be paid he told me this. Collins wants a past pay-cut a paid chairman took restored if he becomes chairman he told me this. so if we also take Collins at his word he is looking at a nice payday if he becomes Chairman of the party. Take the money away and would he still want to be chairman of the party. This is the real question that every delegate needs to ask

      We as a party cannot elect Collins for chairman but he has a big machine of all his endorsements of elected officials to stop

    3. Trevor ~ nothing personal, but you’re so full of it, that your eyes are brown. If you know the woman, you would know her integrity. If you don’t have anything better to, why don’t you run for vice-chair. My name is posted.

    4. Michelle Nix is the genuine article.

      This poster sounds like he is trying to soften her up for another RINO candidate to get in. Perhaps it is even Dee Stewart behind that user name. This sounds like one of the milder Dee Stewart attacks with innuendo and half truths.

    5. Do you know Michelle, personally? I do, and I happen to know that on all major issues she’s sided with the grassroots all while being a (I believe Duplin) County chairwoman. She’s conservative, and it’s insane to labely anyone a “RINO” without even any evidence of RINO activity for goodness sake..

      1. I think ”Trevor” either is someone who works for Dee Stewart or is Dee Stewart.

        Back when Talking About Politics was a viable discussion platform (that was long, long ago) there was a lengthy thread about the lies Stewart used at the last minute to defeat conservative former State Senator Fern Shubert, and in the midst of that a new poster showed up defending Stewart, who was quickly ID’ed as probably being Stewart himself but at least being a close Stewart associate. The same thing happened on that site in the threads on the Fetzer / Adams race for state GOP chairman where Stewart was running dirty trick campaigning on behalf of Fetzer.

        Remembering that history, I say watch this Trevor character. And this post probably means Stewart is hard at work looking for his own stooge to run for vice chairman, to go along with his chairman candidate stooge. Rermembering the disaster of Stewart’s previous NCGOP chairman stooge, Fetzer, the party certainly does not need another one.

      2. That’s Lenoir County, not Duplin. Close enough, though, both counties are home to big ol’ Eastern Diamondbacks.

  2. We let the lady say her piece. Nowhere in the post did it say — or even suggest — we were ”taking [her] at [her] word.”

    1. Fair enough. My apologies for the inference that you guys are.

      Seperate issue: it should be noted that her husband is posting video’s of Craig collins. And she is linking with Craig to cover events, yet out the other side of Her mouth she talks about eradicating “RINO”s from the party. Twisted web this NC inter party struggle is…

  3. Makes sense Michele and Craig would be at the same events, afterall that’s where the Republicans are gathering. And, if someone were to look closer, they’d also see Hasan and AJ at the same events. Besides, how else is a candidate for Vice-Chair supposed to act?

  4. Michele takes selfies with everyone. She’s probaby even got one with “Trevor”…. and God forbid her husband share video with a candidate….. wow, nothing better to complain about.

  5. Michele is a very good friend of mine.

    If I were to go to Raleigh this year – it would only be to vote for her.

    The question I have, are either of the candidates for Chair worthy of serving with her?

  6. Michele is the real deal, honestly she’s seen as a loose cannon.

    The establishment is looking for someone to run against her, word was that someone else would announce this weekend, but who?

  7. Her job would be to get folks to work together, so she would need to be able to get along with lots of people, inside and out of the GOP. This does not mean she does not have conservative values or a conservative agenda to push forward. Hell, I had to endure 9 hours on an airplane with Al Gore, and I was still civil.

  8. If “loose cannon” means No Hidden Agenda, only working for the good of the party, focused on winning 2016, “what you see is what you get”…… yes, then the label fits.
    How refreshing she’s willing to volunteer 2 years of her life. Hat’s off, taking a bow.

    1. I think in establishment-speak, ”loose cannon” translates to ”conservative”. It is sad that we have so many anti-conservatives out there in the GOP establishment.

      1. if the GOP really stood up for conservative values then they would not need to send out so many fundraising letters…

        ( Conservative Values > money ) = winning elections

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