#ncga: Solar goons TRYING to bail out Lil’ Lord Nelson

dollar2North Carolina has the only renewable energy portfolio mandate in the southeastern United States, and some of the most generous taxpayer-funded benefits for solar energy providers.  When you consider how this inflates our utility bills and how solar only composes 0.4 percent of ALL electricity sold in the United States, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

But all kinds of lobbyists and crony capitalists are lining the pockets of Republican legislators in Raleigh.  Last session, some good conservatives tried to move a bill through the General Assembly ending the solar mandate and welfare payments. It’s being held up in the Senate by three Republicans whose wallets have been fattened by solar goons:  Andy Wells, Jerry Tillman, and Brent Jackson. They’re getting PAID, while we’re PAYING bigger and bigger bills.

In the House, people like Nelson Dollar, Tim Moore, Jason Saine, David Lewis and Kelly Hastings have carried water for the solar goons and had their wallets fattened.  Dollar and Lewis have tough primaries going on.  And their parasitic solar goon pals are dipping into their coffers to help bail these useful tools out.cor641

Here is the latest in defense of Nelson Dollar.  The linked mailer proclaims:  Because of leaders like Rep. Nelson Dollar there are over 26,000 clean energy jobs in North Carolina today!

Actually, he’s making US fund those jobs via higher power bills and our tax dollars. That’s sleazy and spineless.  THAT is not leadership.

“Rep. Nelson Dollar is Working for US NOT Out-of-Control Special Interests!”   By “Us”, I assume the sponsors of this mailer are talking about the folks who get gobs of subsidies from the state of North Carolina for decoratiindexng the landscape with solar panels.  (*Not us special interests.  Some other, um, “out-of-control” special interests. Um, yeah.*)

Nobody I know of is attacking the idea of exploring alternate forms of energy.  I — and many others — have a problem with government creating a market for certain favored companies and people and then MAKING US buy these people’s product. 

I can already hear the lefties hollering about THE OIL INDUSTRY.  The so-called oil industry would not collapse — like the solar crowd would — if the government cut off the cash spigot. 

Look at what happened in Nevada.  They cut off the solar goons. No more money or special favors from the government.  And the solar goons are imploding.  Hundreds of layoffs. Leeches closing up shop and moving on to find some other payupsuckersuckers.

This is not about a concern for the environment.  It’s about concern over the thickness of one’s wallet and the balance of one’s campaign account.

For far too long we have been shelling out for this scam so these weasels can fatten their wallets at our expense.  They are getting far too much from the public in return for what the public gets from them.  The gravy train needs to be cut off POST HASTE.  Nelson, David and the rest of the solar goons need to get off the public dime and go get real, constructive employment.