Beaufort GOP straw poll: Cruz, Brannon, W. Jones

cm1There’s not a whole lot of polling out there to gauge the public’s mood.  I can tell — from listening to people of all political stripes — that there aren’t many content, satisfied individuals out there.

We told you about Wake County’s GOP straw poll that had Greg Brannon nipping very closely at Richard Burr’s heels in the US Senate race.  Civitas’s poll on the Senate race had the incumbent, Burr, with 45 percent and undecided / leaning at 42 percent.

Now, here comes the Beaufort County GOP straw poll. The folks in Beaufort picked Ted Cruz by a wide margin over the rest of the field. For US Senate, 55 percent picked Greg Brannon and 28 percent went with Burr.

In the 3rd Congressional district race, incumbent Walter Jones defeated his two primary rivals with 75 percent of the vote.

I’m sure more folks out there will be conducting these types of things as Election Day gets closer.  (As a reminder, we’re voting for EVERYTHING BUT US HOUSE  on March 15.  We vote on our US House members on June 7.)


5 thoughts on “Beaufort GOP straw poll: Cruz, Brannon, W. Jones

  1. Beaufort County GOP straw Poll Ted Cruz for President, Geg Brannon For US SENATE, and US Walter Jones Great choices. I plan to vote for all 3. Volunteered for Dr. Brannon and Rep. Walter Jones is great. Heritage conservative score is 96. REP. JONES represents the folks of eastern coastal NC excellently! Dr Brannan is very concerned with people of NC.

  2. YAY !!! Now if everyone will wake up WE can send burr off into the wild blue younder !!!!!
    Saw Dr. Brannon last night and again was not let down . He is very inspiring

    1. Agree, Senator Richard Burr Heritage Action score = 41%.
      Representative Walter Jones Heritage Action score = 88%.
      Senator Ted Cruz Heritage Action score = 100 %.

      Representative George Holding Heritage Action score =87%.

  3. A straw poll at a political event tells you what the political activists, who tend to be informed voters, are thinking. Whether that also extends to less informed voters depends on to what degree these activists get out and work and spread their knowledge to the less informed. Party activists should not sit on their laurels from such straw votes but take it as a sign that the message resonates if it is successfully passed to the masses.

    1. I would think that the great majority of the masses can only recall Senator Burr’s name. If they can even do that. The others do not have much name recognition and they certainly have not been advertising.

      The pizza delivery man has gotten a lot of attention but I do not know how many can recall his name. He is a funny guy and would make a great Senator but somehow I do not see him with broad support.

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