#ncga: Hager endorses Covil for HD 20 seat

hagerHillary Clinton. Sidney Blumenthal.  A call for surrender.  All of these have been part of the Ladies-Only GOP slugfest to replace state Rep. Rick Catlin in the General Assembly.

Now, the majority leader of the state House,  and — many say — a serious threat to the longevity of Tim Moore’s speakership, has weighed in on this Wilmington area race:


I’d say that trumps Bill Cobey.  (Pender County’s state representative Chris Millis has already weighed in on Covil’s behalf in this race.)


26 thoughts on “#ncga: Hager endorses Covil for HD 20 seat

  1. I absolutely endorse Tammy Covil, as well. There is still work to be done on getting rid of Common Core, and I need Mrs. Covil in Raleigh to help me carry on that fight. Or, in case I don’t come back next term, we need her there to work with Rep. Speciale to get it done. She is a great lady who will be a powerful advocate for worthwhile education and other matters valued by true conservatives.

    1. Other matters???? Like Gay marriage and blocking the borders from Serbian refugees. I wonder if she knows these are Federal level issues that she cannot impact.

    2. Tammy also doesn’t get along with anyone. She said she is always alone in the things she believes in. Well as with her work on the state, which resulted in only spending tax dollars and waiting time. And she proudly issues a press release stating she accomplished nothing. There are several books I would recommend on Influence, Gaining Consenus and Negotiation. And how can can she advocate in worthwhile education when she doesn’t believe in one.

    1. If Hager did that, he should have his head examined. Rubio is nothing but a pusher of Amnesty for illegal aliens. And, heck, even Jeb Bush revealed that as Governor, he had to veto budget bills that State House Speaker Rubio sent him because Rubio was prone to big spending habits. Then there is Rubio’s not so great 2nd amendment record as a legislator.

  2. The same Tammy Covil that apparently failed at leading and directing the output as co-Chair of her own commission regarding common core, then blamed everybody else? Yeah, ok….

    1. Well, no. When sleazeballs like Bill Cobey sell out to the Common Core special interests, there is only so much you can do.

      Grange is a damnyankee intruder. Send that squish back to Illinois where she came from. We do NOT need Illinois values representing us in the legislature. It is bad enough that we have them in the White House.

      1. Grange graduated high school in Fayetteville and served at Ft. Bragg after graduating West Point, she’s not a Yankee. But don’t let facts get in your way.

        1. Having worn the uniform for a few decades, I’ve observed that most ex-Military who gravitate into politics tend to be the trash the services work hard to push back into civilian life.

          1. Really? This is what you think of our armed forces that protect our country? You don’t think their service to our country and their higher education qualifies them for public service? What are the qualifications for the board of education? An education? You would hope so but I guess not. It seems some feel having children in school qualifies them. How can you promote education when you don’t believe in it?

        2. Have you forgotten Grunge’s posse of Illinois supporters that posted here in her support, with nary a one from NC? That speaks volumes about her Illinois values.

          Living a few years on a military base located in NC because the military assigned first her father and then her to it does not give the same background in NC values that living in the actual NC community does. I appreciate the military and what it stands for, but the community inside the military bubble is a different animal from the general community in a state.

          And where was it that Grange decided to go when she left the militaty? ILLINOIS. She qualifed to practice law there and did so. She has never taken up her profession in our state, and that in itself speaks volumes.

          We do not need this carpetbagger in the legislature. We have a real North Carolinian, Tammy Covill, running for the seat. She understands North Carolina values the way Grange never will.

          1. and Covil can articulate those values so well…she can hardly put two sentences together without her consultants. Her forum performance on Thursday was the saddest thing ever, poor Tammy and her GOPc groupies…

  3. Typical liberal half-truths. You fail to mention that Tammy acknowledged being out of sorts due to the fact her son had surgery that day and was not doing well. How pathetic.

    1. I thought his arm was being reset and it was planned procedure. It really threw her out of sorts she couldn’t speak. Maybe it was because she wasn’t prepared. She was wringing her hands looking at the ceiling and floor just remember what to say about her back ground. I had to look up at the ceiling myself to see what was up there. Maybe she hadn’t really had any professional challenges. She also didn’t understand the question and thought it was weird. And then not to know of any budget line items to reduce or increase. I felt she was out of her league and was ill prepared. She didn’t have anything to write on so had to have the questions repeated more than once then still didn’t understand the question nor could answer. Well she may have been worried about her son but at least she took time to get her hair done.

  4. I agree Kim it was very pathetic and folks see through her “conservative” ruse, to be conservative you have to be more than just a one trick pony and you have to have more substance than name calling everyone else a RINO. Tammy’s slander and dirty tricks came back on her, maybe she should start another website. http://www.howIlosttheelection.com is available.

    1. It is pretty darn clear in this race who is the Special Interest Republican and who is the Grassroots Republican. You can tell that easily by who has chosen up sides. Go Covill. Conservatives do NOT line up with the people that Grunge has.

      1. Do you know how to spell? It’s Grange. Spend some time on Mrs. Grange’s website the real one, so you have be better versed on what Mrs. Grange has accomplished and where she has been. At least as with Tammy, she doesn’t have to search around the room looking at the floor or ceiling to find her answers. This is scary. And Tammy wasn’t born here. What did she say she has lived here as far as she can remember? With all that she has showed us – it must not have been that long.

        1. Hillary Clinton could put up a nice resume page, too, but that means nothing. It is the position on issues that matters in a potential legislators. Voters should not look at the resume of a big government liberal like Clinton or Grange. They should look at their positions on issues, and what political forces are backing them. It is the liberal establishment Republicans the RINOS, that gave us Boehner and McConnell who are backing Grange. That is not what North Carolina needs in Raleigh. Grange has RINO written all over her. Covill is a conservative who comes from the grassroots. That is what matters.

    2. Do you know Tammy did it again. She sent out flyer trashing Mrs Grange. She obviously didn’t read her own negative press. Letters to the editor and comments from three different people in the Buzz column last week. She really has no idea what she is talking about. It is the same as when she tells everyone that will listen, there is money (not thousands but millions) being paid under the table to those that support Common Core. Continuing to spread and focus on sleazy lies, she should be focusing on responses to questions that she couldn’t understand or answer. And what her platform is. So far she has spent (time and money) on spreading lies and pushing issues she cannot impact.

  5. Tammy Covil is astroturf, she’s as fake as the day is long. Personally appointed by Thom Tillis to the common core board. She’s a conservative phony, whose fooled a lot of folks evidently, New Hanover County version of Donald Trump. lol…

    1. Tillis was just trying to burnish his conservative credentials for his own Senate race with appointments like this. All of the legislative appointees to that Common Core Committee came from Tillis or Berger. Tillis has turned out to be just as bad of a RINO as we expected. We do not need RINO Grange. This race is obviously very important to the RINO’s as they recruited a candidate against Covill and are really beating the drums for their RINO.

  6. Someone enlighten me please. I was under the impression that Hager is a special interest Republican along the same lines as Tillis. He talks a good conservative game, but his voting record for special interests and strong ALEC involvement appear to say otherwise.

  7. A sad day indeed when the despicable Grange and Osprey Global Solutions landed here. Holly backed by the despicable (pro immigration/pro-Common Core) Chamber of Commerce. Holly married to David who served on the PRO IMMIGRATION board of the Chicago council of Global Affairs.http://www.thechicagocouncil.org

    Did Sid Vicious trip himself up over the Foreign Agents Registration Act?

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/05/did_sid_vicious_trip_himself_up_over_the_foreign_agents_registration_act.html#ixzz423ErFzpy

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