#ncga: Six things that have slowed the budget process

That is, in essence, what the story in today’s N&O was about.  (Off the top of our heads, we can think of at least ONE BIG obvious one.)

Here is one of my favorite parts:dollar

[…] “We’re working hard to make sure we ensure enough revenue to operate government based on our constitutional requirements, but we hope to return some to the people as well,” House Rules Chairman David Lewis said.[…]

Really?  Is the Constitution “requiring” $30 million be handed over to Hollywood production companies as they pass through North Carolina ???  (By the way, Senate sources tell me House leaders told senator Berger the House would not support any budget deal that did not include $30 million for the movie and TV people.) 

I need to spend more time reading our state’s constitution.  *Apparently, American Legion baseball and subsidies and tax credits for solar power companies are also constitutional requirements.* 

7 thoughts on “#ncga: Six things that have slowed the budget process

    1. The past Democrats were a mess too, but Gov Hunt came down to the NCGA and told them to shape up. Mccrory cant do that.

    2. Tim Moore is operating right out of Jim Black’s playbook with the special interests. It almost makes you wish we had Tillis back, and he was bad enough, but at least he did not play footsie with the Democrats like Moore does.

      Thank God for the grownups in the State Senate.

  1. Where was all of the love for the senate last year when Walker supporters will calling for Senator Berger to be primaried next year?

    Ridiculous people should just be ignored. Conservatives should RUN from those people and others that work against true conservative reformers.

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