#NC-02: The three faces of Renee

There’s a classic book and a movie out there called ‘The Three Faces of Eve’ — focusing on a woman’s multiple personalities.  Here in the second congressional district, we’re ‘blessed’ with a representative who also apparently suffers from that same malady.  Let’s ID and discuss the three faces of Renee:images (1)

  1. Nee-Nee The Grouch.  This personality is often found cursing and screaming at constituents.   It can be seen losing it live on the air on radio
    talk shows. It can also be found telling you that ‘you don’t have a clue’ when you dare to question Mrs. Ellmers’s positions on the issues or any actions perpetrated by Team Boehner. 
  2. Renee Tellmers boehnerhe Brown-Noser.  This personality comes out most often when our representative is in the confines of Capitol Hill, inside The Beltway, or North of The Potomac River. It will typically show enthusiasm for anything that comes out of the mouth of John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy — even if it flies in the face of what Second District voters actually favor. It can be seen poo-pooing efforts to defund ObamaCare or Planned Parenthood — all in the name of avoiding a “government shutdown” that makes leadership uncomfortable. 
  3. Campaign Nee-Nee.  This one only comes out close to May and November every other year. With this persomouthnality, you will see a dramatic difference from the other two personalities.  There will be no grouchiness.  There will be no brown-nosing.  There will be plenty of ads suggesting that she is the most anti-establishment conservative hell-raiser on The Hill. In 2012, she ran ads telling us she was a “fighter for traditional marraige” after she publicly opposed the marriagement amendment to the state’s constitution.  In 2014, she ran ads claiming she was tough on illegal immigration and border security.  Never mind her votes — time and again — to make things easier on illegal aliens. She sends out mailers and runs ads claiming to be a fiscal conservative, even though she has voted for increased spending and higher debt ceilings every time.

    Ellmers isRenee Ellmers all over social media AND the drive-by media claiming to be at the forefront of the fight against ObamaCare.But, just a few years ago, she was in Pinehurst badmouthing Ted Cruz and Mark Meadows for trying to defund ObamaCare.   Ellmers is now pushing a bill to supposedly defund Planned Parenthood, which really doesn’t defund them.   Interestingly, she hasn’t yet signed on to the letter being sent to leadership demanding defunding of Planned Parenthood.  And not too long ago, Ellmers led the fight to derail a bill banning late-term abortions.