#ncga: RINOs once again hunting Pittman

pittmanLarry Pittman has been one of the few solid, dependable voices for limited government in the legislature.  THAT has made him the bane of the GOPe and all of the other cross-the-aisle-and-play-nice inhabitants of Crony Capitalism Land.   Pittman is not a fundraising machine.  He’s not running around shaking down lobbyists and business people in his district like so many of his colleagues are.  He has lived and thrived mostly on a personal trait rarely found in elected officials: stating a principled position, and then acting on it. 

Last go around, the GOPe foisted an opponent on him whose hairdo was so bizarre that voters spent so much time staring at it and so little time listening to HER.  This time around, the Fletcher Hartsell fan club has dug up a new opponent — a Charlotte lawyer who looks every bit of 15 years old.

The campaign is already getting off to a rough start.  The GOPe standard-bearer has already gone to the drive-bys and insinuated that Pittman is lying about him: 

[…] The Fischer-Pittman in the 82nd District House match-up already appears to be one of the hottest races. A couple dozen people holding Fischer and Morris signs greeted those candidates as they left the board of elections Tuesday afternoon after filing.

In October, Pittman wrote a letter to the editor stating that Fischer’s supporters, Cabarrus Jobs Now, were trying to raise $100,000 to unseat him. He said the most he had ever raised for a campaign was $40,000 in 2014 and he didn’t spend all of that.

Tuesday Fischer said the $100,000 figure was not accurate. “We’ll raise whatever is necessary to run a competitive successful campaign.”

The race will pit the incumbent Pittman and the more conservative wing of the local GOP against the more moderate segment of the party.

“I made only a few promises when I began running for this office,” Pittman said in a written statement delivered to the Independent Tribune. “In spite of criticism and pressure from the left, I have kept those promises, and have refused to surrender to their corrupt agenda…” […] 

So, $100K is incorrect?  Well, let’s refer to a trusty Fischer fundraising letter we happened to get our hands on (Note the second sentence of the last full paragraph):



If you CAN, help Larry out.  

20 thoughts on “#ncga: RINOs once again hunting Pittman

  1. Fischer seems like a typical special interest go-fer and his fundraising letter screams it. We have too many of that breed of scoundrel in Raleigh already. Given his ”health care” background, would it surprise you if he were one of those pushing the Obamacare Medicaid expansion like a couple of other new allies of Tiny Tim Moore-gan?

    Where can we send Pittman money? He has been an outstanding legislator.

    1. Thanks for asking the question. I wouldn’t have posted this on here otherwise. I don’t think there is any reason I shouldn’t, or I wouldn’t. If the Haymaker does not want to have it on here, I will not be offended if they remove it. Checks can be sent to:

      Committee to Elect Larry Pittman
      P. O. Box 6311
      Concord, NC 28027

      I need to have the contributor’s name, address, occupation, and employer for campaign finance reporting purposes, unless the total contributions from that person is $50.00 or less.

      I do prefer checks. However, if you prefer Paypal, there is a Paypal button on my website.

        1. Thanks. I do make mistakes; but I honestly try to put our citizen’s rights and honest government first. My approach is to ask four things about each bill.
          1. Does it go against God’s law or is it compatible with it?
          2. Will uphold or violate the rrights of our citizens?
          3. Is it any of the government’s business in the first place?
          4. Can I justify any expense it may require to the taxpayers?

          I appreciate your support.

  2. larry is the one of a VERY few politicians that stands on principal..solid conservitive and a really great man…my wife and i do support and volinteer to help him (even thought he is in a diferent part of the county)…and diane honeycutt is one of the hartsall fan club drum boomers (typical RiNo she is)

  3. “Womble Carlyle” eh?

    Maybe I am misremembering, but isn’t that one of the law firms that has gives a ton of cash to the NC Advocates for Justice PAC?

  4. Mr. Pittman needs to go! He is an embarrassment to the people of Cabarrus County. I don’t know much about Mr. Fischer, but anyone has to be better than Mr. Pittman.

      1. You mentioned in your initial comment that Mr. Pittman has been an outstanding legislator. What has he accomplished? Nothing unless you consider making yourself irrelevant an accomplishment. What good is a legislator who can’t get any of his bills passed?

        1. How many bills he’s passed???? My favorite Senator of all time was known as Senator No. Don’t know we need more bills passed. Need to get rid of some. And if to become relevant one has to go along with Timmy, they might as well stay home.

        2. He has helped stop a lot of bad legislation. For example, he was one of those who reined in Timmy Moore’s liberal big spending in the last budget. Getting rid of the awful taxpayer subsidy for the green energy corrupt crony capitalist special interest, which was part of what was gutted, was a big win for taxpayers and for electric ratepayer.

        3. i’m a believer in repealing a few over-bearing laws or unfair laws. politicians should NOT brag on how many bills were passed; instead, brag on limiting government!

        4. The scores on the Civitas Conservative Effective Ranking from the Civitas Institute in Raleigh are instructive:

          Larry Pittman 85.7% (13th from the top out of 122)

          Linda Johnson 76.9% (76th from the top out of 122)

          That is a good indication of which of those Cabarrus state representatives is the one who is effective for his constituents.

          1. Well, I guess that I have a different idea of what effective representation is. For you, it is sticking your head in the sand, accomplishing nothing but yelling into the storm. If that is what you are happy with, that’s on you. For me, my family and my friends, Cabarrus County deserves better than Mr. Pittman.

          2. Yes, we do have different idea. I am a limited government conservative. You are clearly a big government liberal.

            The Civitas Conservative Effectiveness rating tells us which ones are effective for limited government principles, and it tells us that Larry Pittman is the 13th most effective legislator in the House. Cabarrus RINO Linda Johnson is only 76th most effective. For you big government liberals, you can, of course, turn that scale on its head to find the ones who fight for you..

            If your family is happy to pay higher electric bills, then you probably think Linda Johnson is effective, but, if like most families, you think electricity is already too high, then it is Larry Pittman who is out there working hard for you. It is all in one’s perspective, and you obviously have a big government perspective..

    1. The real embarrassment to the people of Cabarrus County is Senator Fletcher Hatsell (RINO-Cabarrus) who is facing federal and state criminal investigations for shananigans in his campaign accounts. Since the prosecutors involved are Democrats, I suspect that they will wait until September or October to indict him for maximum political impact. Why could the liberal establishment in the county not impress on Hartsell that he did not need to be running for reelection with that hanging over his head, something that can impact others on the ticket besides himself?

      Then there is Linda Johnson who has thumbed her nose at the state Republican platform by voting to keep the renewable energy mandate when the platform calls for its repeal. Johnson’s leftwing position on this issue, which is in line with Obama policy, will cost Cabarrus electric ratepayers a bundle. Larry Pittman worked to repeal that mandate. Johnson and Pittman were also on opposite sides of the massive taxpayer subsidies to the green energy crony capitalists. At the end of the day, the taxpayers won on that one because Pittman’s side, against those ripoff subsidies, beat Johnson’s side in favor of them. Pittman votes consistently for the taxpayers, while Johnson frequently votes against them. Hopefully, Johnson will have a conservative primary challenger, as Hartsell already does.

  5. Larry has also been in the forefront on making our states gun laws better for the average citizen. As said before, No new legislation = GOOD legislation and stopping BAD leglislation + good for the state and cabarrus county……AND he is a principled man, unlike most politicians….

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