#ncga: RICHARD MORGAN (Yes, HIM) endorses Speaker Moore.


I worked hard to put this man in retirement.  I am one of many of his long-time, long-suffering now former constituents.  I had hoped he would just go away and be quiet.  But, no.  With the kerfluffle between speaker Moore and Rep. Burr, The Mouth of Moore County —  and former Jim Black confidant — felt like it had to open ONE MORE TIME:


Who’s next?  Will the gang from ISIS step up and offer words of encouragement to the gentleman from King’s Mountain? 

4 thoughts on “#ncga: RICHARD MORGAN (Yes, HIM) endorses Speaker Moore.

  1. With this open support from Jim Black’s sidekick, the Richard Morgan who was kicked out of the GOP for party disloyalty by overwhelming vote of the State Executive Committee, Tim Moore is revealed for what he is – Tim Moore-gan.

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