#ncga: Jason Saine, unopposed.

saine2You almost have to wonder WHAT is going on in Lincoln County.  You have a House member who has sold his soul to the solar Mob.  He reports spending more than $60,000 out of his campaign fund in SIX MONTHS (not an election year, BTW).  What did he spend it on?  Dinners, travel, entertainment, and clothes.  Over $19,000 worth of clothes, to be precise.   That’s all from a job that pays roughly $13,000 per year. 

(Show of hands:  How many people believe he really spent that $19,0000+ on clothes?  NOBODY has $19K hanging in their closet.) 

And the good folks of Lincoln County couldn’t come up with EVEN ONE Democrat or Republican (or Libertarian or Unaffiliated candidate) to stand in opposition to this? You folks in Lincoln County are being “represented” by a guy who went from living on unemployment benefits to having his lifestyle subsidized by lobbyists and other special interests with business in front of the very committee he chairs.  And you’re rewarding him with a free ride back to Raleigh?




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  1. North Carolina’s ALEC State Chairman.

    Hey – you elected these guys, and then they ran straight to the trough. The ones who control access to said trough, well: “Four legs bad,Two legs good!”

    When was the last time any of you on the political right demanded that your GOP reps make public who in the NCGA are members of ALEC? That’s a tightly-guarded secret, and the ones in the shadows are never held accountable to their voters for being such.

    And then as the French say, “voylah!” You’ve got ALEC-backed highway toll privatization, just to pick one recent outrage to both ends of the political spectrum.

    Please stop crying about Tillis, Saine, etc., until you work to expose those who support them in the things that offend your conservative principles.

    1. Seriously what is the haymaker doing but trying to point out the wrongdoing and to help educate others so something can get fixed…. If you know so much about all of this then say it because I do not think the haymaker or anyone else that reads this site wants the people doing wrong in power staying in power

  2. There are other Solyndra Republicans who also needed primary opponents and did not get them like Kelly Hastings, Chuck McGrady, Bob Steinburg, and John Skoza in the House and Jerry TIllman in the Senate. Also an Obamacare Republican, Greg Murphy. What we need is a conservative PAC that targets races and recruits conservative candidates like the South Carolina chapter of the Club for Growth.

  3. ALEC? Is that the American Legislative Executive Committee you speak of? If so, WARNING! It is Christmas. Pondering of this subject might make you mad!

    Browny Douglas

    1. ALEC was founded as a conservative limited government policy group, but along the way got taken over by the crony capitalists, who control it now. They now promote establishment big government Republicans instead of conservatives but sometimes try to project a false image of their former self..

      1. And they’re able to do it without consequences, because they are allowed to keep their membership secret. Other than the State leaders like Saine, and Tim Moffitt who lost his seat last year in part because he was caught advancing ALEC positions on toll roads and drones, and not being honest about it.

      2. Here’s an example: a few weeks ago, someone from NCGA (my guess is Chuck McGrady, but he’s not saying) traveled to Las Vegas to present this at an ALEC conference:

        ALEC Workshop: North Carolina Medicaid Reform: Here’s What We Did

        They were obviously proud about what they accomplished, but afraid to take credit for talking about it at ALEC. Model legislation drafted at ALEC explicitly calls for privatizing Medicaid. NC legislators were desperately disputing that this was the goal, but here they go to ALEC to give a “workshop” in a prime speaking slot (just before Ben Carson’s speech) on how to replicate it elsewhere in the US. We don’t know who led this “workshop”, nor do we know how they characterized “What We Did”.

        Even if you agree with what they did on Medicaid, you have to recognize that they are probably yanking your chain on some other issue that’s more important to you, like privatizing toll roads, water, etc.

        These people should be forced to acknowledge their membership in this crony-capitalist bill mill, or those of us on the right and the left will be shut out of policy decisions, which are increasingly being made by lobbyists behind closed doors.

  4. I live in eastern Lincoln County, and this is par for the course. It’s good ol’ boy politics here. I remember when Jason was working for a local rag of an online magazine, not sure if it was ever in print. He played house with the local government by switching from Libertarian to Republican so his bedfellow could run an opposition to Mary Martin. After the party chair passed, he was earmarked to take the chair position and afterwards run for his present position. Politics is a dirty game and he is a great player.

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