#nc-07: Former NCGOP official primarying Rouzer

ottoFor Mark Otto, his decision to challenge rookie congressman David Rouzer is both business AND personal: 

[…] “Conservative voters are finding our stockings stuffed with coal this Christmas, courtesy of Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan and the establishment Republicans in congress. […] I feel completely betrayed. Despite my successful efforts to help Renee Ellmers defeat Bob Etheridge in 2010 and then to help elect David Rouzer in 2014, both Rouzer and Ellmers caved to pressure from the political establishment and voted to pass the atrocious omnibus spending package that funds Planned Parenthood, quadruples the number of foreign workers taking American jobs, fails to provide much-needed safeguards to vet Muslim refugees coming to our communities from known terrorist nations and adds nearly a trillion dollars to the national debt. I am taking a stand, dammit!” […] 

“My intent is sincerely not to paint David as the world’s worst congressman because, in fact, Washington is filled with politicians who emphatically embrace the establishment, but that only serves to reinforce what motivates me to take on this challenge. […] It’s time to end politics as usual and change the way the political process operates. I plan to do just that, despite the personal political consequences I am certain to face from those who will do and spend whatever it takes to preserve the establishment and attempt to derail my campaign.”

Otto, of Johnston County, served as Second Congressional District GOP chairman during the contentious 2010 election cycle that saw upstart Tea Party Republican Renee Ellmers upset Democrat Bob Etheridge   Here is an example of the lengths Otto went to on behalf of Ellmers that year.

Prior to 2012, Johnston County was part of the Second Congressional District. Redistricting shifted it over to the Seventh with Wilmington and some other coastal and southeastern border localities.


15 thoughts on “#nc-07: Former NCGOP official primarying Rouzer

  1. I am all in for Otto. Rouzer lied to our faces multiple times on multiple issues. Not that we expected anything different from his voting record, but lying to constituents is a huge deal. Done with him. He’s a product of the GOPe and the NCGOPe enablers.

        1. Hmmm! Just like those of your ilk were so sure that Eric Cantor was going to win easily in his primary. Funny thing. It did not turn out that way. Ask Congressman Dave Brat! Oh, and didn’t Cantor come to the 7th district to campaign for Rouzer? You know what they say about birds of a feather!

    1. There are MANY of us out here who, after Rouzer’s betrayal, were thinking we had no options and would be stuck (and screwed again) with him. So having Otto will ignite those folks to give Rouzer his pink slip.

      1. Ever think Otto and Rouzer are friends and this is just a ruse? Maybe you should get to know Otto and how he worked with Ellmers and Rouzer in the past…

        Anyway check back on March 16th and we’ll see who knows…

        1. Your comment sounds like a Dee Stewart trick to me. Planting seeds of doubt with a smear. That is totally the Stewart ”style”.

          Your comment makes no sense at all. Rouzer would not have needed a ”ruse” since no one had filed against him in the primary and it was the last day at the last minute. Why have a primary when you otherwise would not need one?

          There are lots of people who worked with Ellmers in the past who have learned what a phony she is and now are working hard against her. It is likely that Rouzer’s liberal votes have also opened some eyes.

          1. Your level of political naivety is startling. Take the blinders off, its all Kubuki Theater, if you know what that means lol…

          2. You establishment guys expect people to be naive, which we conservatives are NOT. It is nonsense that someone who would otherwise have had a free ride in the primary, and a nonentity of a general election opponent, would have any reason whatsoever to set up any Kabuki Theater.

            But the fact that you establishment types are out here trying to sell such absurd ideas shows that you must be worried about your little Congresscritter Rouzer.

            Kabuki Theater is what Boehner and Ryan do with their meaningless show votes that the voters are starting to see through.

  2. Hooray for Otto! That Omnibus shows what Rouzer really is, and that is a big government liberal. Rouzer voted with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat majority and against the majority of House Republicans to fund Obama’s programs and balloon the deficit. That is not acceptable, and he needs to go.

    Where can we send Otto money?

  3. Good, at least an alternative to Rouzer. I had sent him an email last week that I was going to vote Democrat now that he has sold out to every progressive cause. Now at least I can vote against him in a primary, then if he makes it in I will vote for the Libertarian/Democrat who filed the other day.

  4. Americans are fed up with the members of the #WashingtonCartel and this election are going to send a strong message to those members, like David Rouzer, who vote against their wishes and then try to spin the vote. The msg that they, Cartel, know better than the people who are simply trying to live their lives is not resonating. Voting for this bill 2000+ page bill, without reading it is unconscionable.
    Votes have consequences and David Rouzer is going to have to deal with those consequences.
    I look forward to getting to know Mark Otto and I look forward to continuing to shine the light on Rouzers complete disregard for We The People.

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