#ncpol: Rallying the GOPe troops for David Lewis?

While a former 2nd district GOP chairman is trying to take out a RINO, it appears the current chairman is trying to SAVE one.  I am getting 2nd-Joyce-Cottenreports from Republican legislators and key activists from across the state that 2nd District GOP chairman Joyce Cotten is trying to line up all kinds of VIPs to attend state party committee meetings scheduled for January 9.

What happens on that date?  THAT is when party leaders have two interesting action items on the agenda: (1) termination of state party executive director Dallas Woodhouse, and (2) the removal of state Rep. David Lewis from his position representing the state party on the Republican National Committee.

It is our understanding that Cotten is encouraging heavy-hitters to show up at the January 9 meetings and help press the case to save BOTH. 

11 thoughts on “#ncpol: Rallying the GOPe troops for David Lewis?

  1. If this is the case she need to be impeached also…. Maybe Franklin Graham was right yesturday when he left the party. I still think it is worth fighting to save but I have never seen so many enemies to the party inside the party. At this point you about cannot trust anyone and this is the problem

  2. Joyce Cotten is clearly a queen RINO and needs to be taken out as district chairman. Lewis and Woodhouse are embarrassments to the party.

  3. This kind of behavior does not surprise me. She just has to stick her fingers in everything. What does she have to benefit from a corrupt Committeman and a power-hungry ED? She is toxic! Why not let the actual hard workers and grassroots of the party decide? Careful Joyce, 2nd District is growing tired of this SH*T, wouldn’t want a motion of no confidence on the Chair, now would you?

  4. Didn’t the NCGOP just bestow some kind of thank you award upon her at their recent Pat Each Other On The Back livefest? She’s obviously drinking the kool aide and is one of those enablers of the completely dysfunctional party.

  5. Joyce, I know you’re reading these accusations. Please feel free to set the record straight. While you’re at it, clue us all in on Zann Bunn, Harvey and Kim’s involvement. Are they helping in your recruitment efforts?

    1. I was wondering when someone was going to zero in on these other three characters. However, it isn’t just one district chair that has been sucking up to Pat McCrory by working to help him maintain control over the Party. County Chairs who truly care about their Party need to take a very hard look at some of these bad actors who occupy District Chairmanships and begin the task of replacing them with dedicated conservatives.

      1. This is why I am fighting to change the plan of organization so district chairs are no longer instant members of the central committee. The central committee needs to be voted in by the executive committee. This would correct our non functioning organizational structures plus it would help to hold the central committee accountable to the ex-com like it should be with a recall process with a 2/3 vote to call for all new elections of the central committee by the ex-com at any point so the central committee can never get power hungry and the people can once again be the leadership of the party in this state

  6. It is my understanding that the District Chairmen are elected at the district conventions the same year as county and the state party chairmen are.. so are they not elected by the very same pool of delegates? So if “the people” elected Hassan, didnt the very same “people” elect the 14 district chairmen that you are saying are running the party?

    1. Jerry it has to do with the fact that the central committee gets its power from the executive committee but the system is set up in a way that it is hard for the executive committee to hold the central committee accountable for the power that takes or is given under the current plan of organization.

      This is why I believe that the party would be much better off if the executive committee had to vote on each member of the central committee and also give clear language to the responsibility of the central committee to report back to the executive committe of its action taken between each executive committee meetings. And have a clear method to recall the whole committee and call for new elections. Thus the central committee members could not get power hungry or a god complex like i feel the cc has had for a good 10+ years in this party

  7. Good. Glad Cotten is recruiting “heavy hitters”. They need to be present to be reminded of who they work for. Consequently, Ex Comm members had better grow a backbone and put on their big boy britches for this January 9th meeting. The Chairman will need to move expeditiously to avoid a planned derailment because of “technical reasons” for why these two “can’t be impeached”. Because it’s being discussed. Most likely a “shaming” of Ex Comm for not “focusing on the important stuff” or “damaging the party”. Yet they do the real damage.

    The honorable thing would be for Lewis to resign prior to the meeting. Maybe.

    Woodhouse has gotten away with way too much for too long and is only interested in promoting himself, not the Party. He ignores the Plan of Organization and has ZERO respect for the grassroots workers. He doesn’t have any boundaries but you’ll always find him near a camera. Through his actions he’s shown he’s more interested in promoting his old Carolina Rising PAC cronies than he is doing his real job. His legal problems with his PAC fund alone should send up flares! He’s bad for NCGOP.

    86 him before it gets really bad.

    1. Both of these birds have legal problems rumbling around in the background that could damage the party and its candidates if they explode, Lewis with pay for play, and Woodhouse with his Carolina Rising reporting mess. If they are still in office when that hits they become lead anchors for the party. If they are ”has beens” by that time, then the party and its candidates do not get hurt so bad. This is a great opportunity to make both of them ”has beens” for the good of the party..

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