#NCGA: If I had a DOLLAR for every time someone said ‘Cease and Desist’ …

It appears that one Mr. Joseph Nelson Dollar, esq. of Cary township dollaris a bit cranky these days.  A really rich guy is buying a lot of ads against him, and he’s got a primary opponent:

Bob Luddy, one of Raleigh’s biggest conservative political donors, is spending $40,000 to create a new political committee opposing House budget writer Nelson Dollar of Cary.

Luddy filed paperwork this week to create StopNelsonDollar.com, and he immediately donated $40,000 to the new committee. As of Friday afternoon, the website referenced in the committee title hadn’t yet been launched.

Luddy said he wants to see Dollar defeated because of this year’s House budget proposal led by the longtime legislator.

“Nelson Dollar has to take the responsibility for submitting such an outrageous budget,” Luddy said Friday, declining to detail StopNelsonDollar.com’s campaign plans.

“I felt like Nelson Dollar was going to spend way too much money – overbig spender a half billion more than the governor’s budget. He also delayed getting a budget for our state for months on end. I wanted to get this information out there.”

Dollar defended the House budget, pointing to its inclusion of teacher assistant funding, a cost-of-living increase for state retirees, and a series of tax cuts.

“It’s disappointing that the (Luddy committee) is attacking a Republican instead of those funds defending the Republican seats in the fall,” Dollar said. “We’re going to neewambulanced those resources to beat Hillary Clinton. That money and the money I have to spend is really a waste.”[…] 

Somebody call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-mbulance.  (Please.)

Little Lord Nelson is also, apparently pitching a fit about the activities of his primary opponent:

[…] Luddy said other donors plan to contribute to StopNelsonDollar.com, but he declined to name them. He said he’s also giving money to Mark Villee, who’s challenging Dollar in the March 15 Republican primary. Villee is already running TV and radio ads attacking Dollar.

Dollar has responded with his own ad, and he said he’s sent a cease-and-desist request to Time Warner Cable, which is airing the Villee ads. He said the Villee ads make false claims.[…]

Really?  Here’s the ad.   What’s false?  I wish this drive-by would have asked that simple question.

I’ll give Little Lord Nelson, or any kermitof his official emissaries, all the space in the world in the comment section below to elaborate.  TELL US exactly what’s false.

Think about this for a minute.  a POLITICIAN is accusing someone else of LYING.  (Not that it’s any of my business, but does THIS count as lying too? )

(Hmm — I wonder if this cease and desist stuff works.  If it does, and you can issue one of those every time someone lies, we can SHUT RALEIGH DOWN.)

mvThis article here appears to put the kibosh on Master Dollar’s ambitions.

Isn’t it interesting that a guy who didn’t even show up in Google — prior to filing  —  is making the House Appropriations chairman sweat? 

While Nelson is screaming and crying into his pillow, visit Mark Villee’s web site to learn more about him (and throw him some coin so he can keep Nelson’s favorite ad on the air).


6 thoughts on “#NCGA: If I had a DOLLAR for every time someone said ‘Cease and Desist’ …

  1. It’s good in it’s own right to get rid of corrupt establishment types who blacken our Party name, but it also helps weaken Tim Moore by knocking off his cronies. Three cheers for Luddy and Villee.

  2. But . . . but . . . but . . . How can this happen?

    Nelson Dollar is one of the progressive heroes in the NC House. He has gone all in to push some of President Obama’s signature policies like green energy and helping the undocumented immigrants. We only get progressive legislation done because of the help of progressive Republicans like Nelson Dollar and David Lewis. They even go against the Republican platform and support items from the Democrat platform to help the progressive cause,

    I guess it could be worse. This Luddy guy could be going after other progressive heroes like David Lewis, too.

  3. “Little Lord Nelson” …. I LOVE IT! A Double Double Entendre Trivia on “Faultneroy” and the British Admiral. …. KUDOS Amigo… Mega Kudos. …. 🙂

    1. Nelson Dollar is one of two poster boys in the NC House for term limits. The other is David Lewis.

      While some politicians seem to be able to hang on to their principles for the long haul, like Jesse Helms in the US Senate or Robert Brawley in the NC House, others like Renee Ellmers or Marco Rubio seem to sell out the instant they get sworn into office. Most seem to go bad over time like Orrin Hatch or Richard Burr. Some like Thom Tillis were not worth a crap even before they were elected.

  4. Luddy and Villee should look into how Dollar was influenced by big lobby dollars to keep the anti free market Certificate of Needs (CON) laws in place. Those laws force people to spend three times as much for medical procedures like knee replacements, foot and eye surgeries. While Dollar pockets his lobbyist cash, his constituents are forced to spend more for basic health care.

  5. Nelson Dollar has become David Miner 2.0, a rehash of the very man (?) he replaced.

    David Miner won the Cary seat in the NC House as a conservative, replacing a liberal predecessor. In his early terms, he voted as a conservative. Then he got hooked in with the leadership, in his case Jim Black and Richard Morgan, became an important committee chairman, and let his ego run wild. He forgot conservative principles and became a friend of the special interests.

    That all came to an end when a major local GOP contributor got behind a conservative primary challenger named Nelson Dollar, who then beat Miner in the primary. Like Miner, Dollar voted conservative in his early terms, but then got hooked into the leadership, became an important committee chairman, let his ego run wild, and became a friend of the special interests while forgetting conservative principles.

    Now the cycle is repeating itself. A major GOP contributor has stepped in and backing a conservative challenger in the primary against Dollar. While Nelson Dollar does not have the sexual preference issues that Miner did, he now fits David Miner in every other respect.

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