#ncga: Hey, what happened to that ethics complaint against David Lewis?

dlYeah. It was filed way back in December, wasn’t it?  

It was unusual, to say the least, to see a legislator file a complaint against another legislator from the same party.    The complaint contained very serious pay-to-play allegations against the House Rules Committee chairman, Harnett County legislator, and close buddy to Speaker Tim Moore. 

Apparently, there is a lot of time to get all G.Gordon Liddy and Howard Hunt about finding my sources, but there just isn’t time to investigate whether a powerful member of House leadership has the chamber’s business up for sale to the highest bidder.   There’s apparently no time to fh6r9t9SU2MvczG1Mrxc_Confused Ice Cube THUMBinvestigate financial mismanagement allegations at the House caucus campaign operation, but apparently there’s time to go after my sources.  

I understand House Rules only allow Lewis himself to speak on the matter. All other staff and legislators, I understand, are scared stiff about asking questions on the status of the complaint. 


7 thoughts on “#ncga: Hey, what happened to that ethics complaint against David Lewis?

  1. Slimeballs can get away with things because they are slimy at least he will no longer be the national committee man

  2. Maybe, they are waiting for those federal investigators to drop the bomb on this matter? That is a bad way to handle it as they are very partisan Democrats running the so-called ”Justice” Department and they will go for the political timing to hurt the whole ticket, likely early October or so.

    1. I’d prefer that the Harnett County Republican Party deal with it but they blew their best chance this past March.

      1. We did take care of it. We overwhelming rejected the phoney (Democrat) that Hager et. al. recruited to run against David. By the way, why don’t you get that team of amateurs to file the close out report of Levorse’s campaign.

        1. It looks like Harnett County produces liberal Obama Republicans like Renee Ellmers and David Lewis. Are people there so ignorant that they cannot even read the GOP platform to see what they should be standing for and voting for, or are they just wannabee Democrats?

  3. I recall in 2014 The NC Ethics Commission reported that complaints had hit an all time high.

    Maybe the commission is just overwhelmed.

  4. People in Harnett county don’t have a clue about their elected officials. Just look at the results from the congressional race of 2016, Harnett County supported Renee who is the most liberal and disengenuous Republican in the entire NC delegation. Evidently, in Harnett county it’s where you live not what you stand for.

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