#ncga: The Haymaker’s “mole” outed? (I think NOT.)

moleFor an allegedly “irrelevant” website, we sure do seem to be living rent-free in certain powerful heads on Jones Street.   While most of the news about Tuesday’s GOP House Caucus meeting was about the leadership elections,  a significant segment of the meeting was devoted to THIS website and the “person” allegedly leaking caucus business to it. 

Sources who attended that meeting tell me that a very specific Republican legislator — reportedly at odds with Speaker Tim Moore — was publicly identified as “the mole” leaking to The Haymaker.  (Mind you, my sources tell me the accused legislator was not in the room at the time.) 

moore1The accusation, I’m told, was tempered by a clarification that NO PROOF EXISTED TO BUTTRESS THE ACCUSATION, but they were pretty sure of its accuracy.  The lack of proof, the assembled legislators were told, prevented a vote being held to kick this legislator out of the caucus.

 No proof, huh?  Then WHY bring it up?

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.  The Haymaker’s information pipeline from Raleigh is NOT ONE PERSON. It is a network.  The Haymaker IS that legislative staffer sitting outside your office or down the hall.  The Haymaker is that colleague sitting next to you on the floor or in that committee or caucus meeting.

 The Haymaker is that colleague angry about being harassed and threatened by his or her party leadership for simply trying to represent the folks back home.  The Haymaker is that voter pissed off about being lieBriberyd to and shaken down in return for seeking relief from state governmental tyranny.  The Daily Haymaker is EVERYWHERE.

I would love to write a lot of glowing stories about heroic leaders taming government and instituting honest to goodness conservative revolution.   But I’m seeing way too much of the garbage we threw out in 2010 — pay to play, lying, and cronyism.  

On Tuesday, House members had the chance to change direction — away from corruption and toward honest, representative government.  Yet they took the easy route, solidifying the Moore-Lewis-Dollar cabal’s stranglehold on the House.

Ganging up on one hapless House member is not going to solve your problems with this website.  You’ll never shut down the info pipeline from Jones Street to this site.  It’s too vast.  And the iron-fisted tactics of the ruling cabal guarantees there will always be disgruntled rank-and-file ready to spell the beans.

Behave yourselves, and you’ll find yourselves with little to nothing to fear from this site.  (But we won’t hold our breath waiting for THAT to happen.)