#ncga: Dropping like flies (picking up primary opponents?)

57218027Brian Brown.  Jacqueline Schaeffer. Rayne Brown. Leo Daughtry. Paul Tine. Skip Stam.  That’s an awful lot of folks bailing out of Jones Street’s lower chamber majority. Could some folks be smelling the fire of the mob’s torches?

 (Tine, a Democrat Unaffiliated member of the GOP caucus was in a GOP-leaning district, and had both the Democrats AND Republicans mad at him.  I didn’t see how he could pull another victory out of the hat in 2016.) 

The recent uproar over H373 and S119 has sparked an awful lot of interest in the upcoming GOP primaries.  I talked with a couple of GOP campaign consultants who tell me their phones are ringing off the hook from people looking to target incumbents in March. 

Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus) — one of our favorites — appears to have yet another primary challenger (thanks to his colleagues Linda Johnson and Fletcher Hartsell).  We understand Nelson Dollar has a pretty strong primary challenger on the way.  We’ve heard of at least a dozen others waiting in the wings preparing to announce.

Republicans will likely still hold Jones Street when the smoke clears in November.  But it looks like they will do it with a lot of new faces.

12 thoughts on “#ncga: Dropping like flies (picking up primary opponents?)

  1. It was like the dog chasing the car and the car suddenly stopped. The GOP have learned it is easy to complain from the cheap seats but hard to govern. I fear it will be bad next time around and I think Hillary’s coattails or pants suit tails will lift many into office.

    The GOP gave it a good try but you cannot run a government with no money.

  2. According to one of the posters on this site, and I have also heard it from other sources, it looks like Affi-David Lewis will also have a primary opponent.

    There are quite a few Obama Republicans who voted for things like drivers licenses for illegal aliens and Obama’s green energy boondoggle who need primary opponents. Moving up the primary date was a blatant incumbent protection gambit, but it does not seem to be holding off the challengers. It may well backfire on the incumbents who dreamed it up, as the crowds turning up to vote for Trump are likely to be in a ”throw the rascals out” mood down ballot.

  3. If Leo Daughtry is on my ballot, I will vote for the democrap. At least you know you are getting a jacka$$ if you vote dem vs the crapshoot when you vote GOP. Now if Brent Jackson can get a primary opponent to beat him, or he drops out, I won’t have to vote dem both times.

    1. Brent Jackson? He is a friend of the Polar Bears. We progressives need to keep him. He has been a strong supporter of President Obama’s green energy programs which will save the Polar Bears. Isn’t it great to have a legislator who cares more about the future of the Polar Bears than about his own party’s silly platform or about the electric bills of his own constituents? Who cares if the peons can no longer afford air conditioning because their electric bills are so high if it saves the Polar Bears?

  4. They will always primary me. The establishment types never have gotten over me beating out their choice for the appointment in 2011 and beating him in the primary in 2012. Since leadership insisted on moving our Presidential primary to March next year to get more of the candidates to spend time in NC and to make it matter because not so many would have dropped out by then, I was one of many who insisted we should make our State primary on the same day to avoid an estimated extra $8-12 million expense to the taxpayers by not having two primaries. If that keeps RINO’s from counting on democrats registering unaffiliated to vote against conservatives like me I’m our Republican primary, that’s just a good bonus. I appreciate your reference to me as one of your favorites. So if this move helps me, I hope you will be glad. One thing of which I am confident, win or lose, it is laughable for anyone to claim to be running as a conservative against me. If someone wants a real conservative in the seat I hold for the people, why bother to run against me? Now if the democrats also run somebody against me, that will just be redundant.

  5. We have more than enough RINOs.

    What good does it do to elect someone with an (R) next to their name, only to have them vote progressive when it counts?

    Many of the current Republicans in office have stood against conservative values on multiple occasions. They need to be primaried and replaced with true conservatives, or at the very least moderate Republicans. Not Democrats wearing a Republican hat.

  6. One of the districts mentioned, the 9th House District, where progressive Brian Brown resigned, looks like it is in for a big fight that should be interesting.

    The county chairman called a meeting without anything close to a proper notice, and rammed through her choice, which was a liberal doctor who supports the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. Now that is being protested to the State GOP, and NCGOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse, before any investigation is even started, goes on the radio in Greenville to proclaim that the doctor will get appointed to the legislature.

    The story is here:


    This sounds like it should be a rip-snorter of a primary..

    1. Looking up Murphy’s contribution history at the State Board of Elections site is interesting. He has made small contributions of a few hundred dollars to both Democrat and Republican judges and to GOP gubenatorial candidate Patrick Ballantine. He gave nothing to McCrory in the 2008 cycle but made two contributions of a thousand dollars each in the 2012 cycle. One wonders if he had an appointment to something in mind.

      Murphy made no contributions to any legislative candidate or party legislative caucus whatsoever until June 28 of this year when he suddenly gave Friends of Tim Moore, the PAC of the liberal Republican NC House Speaker, a thousand dollars. This was not a contribution to the House GOP caucus but to Moore’s personal PAC. Murphy is obviously trying to butter up the leader of the liberal establishment wing of the party in the House. The timing of that contribution is clearly connected to his bid for this House appointment.

      Murphy has never made any contribution to any GOP party organization at any level.

    2. If you thought Brian Brown was a liberal Big Government Republican, and he clearly was, just wait for the guy that they are breaking the rules to try to muscle through, He is a johnny-one-note candidate whose only real issue is adopting the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. And Dallas Woodhouse is in the thick of it!

  7. I heard some nub is running for the Stam seat. Who are going to be coming up against these incumbents in primary.

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