#nc-02: ‘Mean Girls’ comes to town


SNL’s Tina Fey came out with a movie a few years back that amazingly documented those high school girls we all knew and hated when we were in high school.  I swear — after seeing last night’s coverage of Renee Ellmers’s trip to Fayetteville — the congresswoman’s Mini-Me press spokes-babe could easily have been one of those girls who terrorized Lindsey Lohan’s school in that movie.mg

Nee-Nee and her posse showed up in Fayetteville yesterday for a photo op.  Her spokes-babe tried to shake down the local media to only allow access IF they promised to only talk about what Nee-Nee wanted to talk about.  Nicole Carr, from ABC 11, was having NONE of that:

Two media outlets, including ABC 11, were refused interview access to Representative Renee Ellmers on Tuesday. Ellmers and her team set ground rules that would not allow reporters to ask about the alleged affair rumors tied to the House Speaker debacle.

We did not agree. […] 

booApparently, the Fayetteville Observer’s Paul Woolverton DID agree.  (For the record, I encountered Paul a lot when I was a drive-by many moons ago.  Then, he was a suck-up to politicians, never daring to write something that might offend the elected class.  Two decades later, it appears nothing has changed.)  It appears WRAL also played by Nee-Nee’s rules.   Who was the other media outlet that got ousted? 

I never never never let a politician tell me what I was and was not going to discuss during an interview or a press conference.

Anyway, MAJOR KUDOS go out from us to Ms. Carr.  Purposefully helping politicians sweep stuff under the rug is an abuse of our country’s Freedom of The Press. Want to see what real reporting looks like?  Check out Nicole Carr.  

Once again, it’s proven that — if you want to know what’s going on — you HAVE to go online.



2 thoughts on “#nc-02: ‘Mean Girls’ comes to town

  1. Well, Nee-Nee is taking a page out of the Hildabeast’s book: fill your press conferences, public appearances and debates with your own campaign hacks and adoring MSM sycophants, who will (as directed) throw big, fat soft ball questions at you, so you can knock them out of the park.
    If one “real journalist” happens to sneak in: deny, obfuscate, dodge, (and if all else fails: lie thru your teeth).
    Kudos to Nicole Carr, who has apparently read William Shakespeare’s Hamlet (“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…..err: North Carolina”).
    Rep. Ellmers apparently neglected to keep her legs crossed in Washington, and now is refusing to answer any questions in No Cal about her alleged affair with McCarthy.
    Perhaps Nee-Nee will change her tune when she is served with papers from her cuckolded husband’s divorce attorney.

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