[#ncga] Credit Cards, SOME candidates: A speaker and his campaign money

moore1We’ve been accused of being a little harsh on a certain little guy from Kings Mountain.  But House speaker Tim Moore’s third quarter campaign report has some good to go along with the questionable.

We raised questions earlier about his monetary haul, his lack of electoral opposition, and the lack of evidence of sharing said monetary haul with his colleagues and wannabe colleagues.  Well, the Q3 report offers up some detail on that sharing question:

  • 8/24     Bill Brawley    $5100
  • 9/2  Brenden Jones  $5100
  • 9/12 Beverly Boswell (Tine seat in the OBX) $1500
  • 9/5 Danae Caulfield (replacing Charles Jeter) $5100
  • 8/24  Jim Arp  $5100
  • 10/5 Marilyn Avila  $2500
  • 8/24 Frank Moretz  $5100
  • 8/24 Greg Murphy  $5100
  • 7/5 Rob Bryan  $5100
  • 9/2 John Bradford $5100
  • 8/10 House Republican Caucus $900,000mooresmile
  • 9/7 House Republican Caucus $200,000
  • 9/28 House Republican Caucus $100,000
  • 9/28 NCGOP $25,000
  • 7/20 Gary Pendleton  $5100
  • 9/2 John Sauls $5100
  • 7/15 Williams for House $5100

Okay.  Kudos for those moves.  Now, let’s move on to the credit card payments (in a year when there was no primary or general election opponent):

  • American Express, four payments between 7/11 and 9/30 totaling $11,173.51  [Total of $18,547.33 to AMEX for the election cycle]
  • GM Card, one payment on 10/18 for $42.78 [ A total of $1594.61 to GM Card  for the election cycle]

You also have the $278.30 expense for a subscription to The Shelby Star.  (Don’t laugh.  That’s one of the things senator Hartsell got nailed for.)  And then MOOREHOUSE04-NE-080515-TELthere’s the $676 payment to Moore himself on 10/1, described as “debt payment.”

The speaker’s campaign reported raising $440,556.97 for the third quarter of 2016.  They reported spending $1,406,916.42 during that same period.  ($1.3 million of that amount was apparently a pass-through transfer to the House Republican Caucus.)

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  1. It is interesting that Little Timmy gave the RINO’s the max contribution allowed, but gave much smaller amounts to the conservatives he contributed to.

    I got a letter at the end of last week asking for a contribution to Timmy’s campaign. By the time the snail mail took it back to him, and the payment posted to his account, it would be too late to turn around and give it to any candidate to do any good this election. Does he think we are dummies?

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