New polling confirms potential GOP wave in NC

poll-results4WRAL and SurveyUSA told us yesterday that Donald Trump was pulling away from Hillary Clinton in The Tar Heel State.  A new poll by Red Wolf Public Sector, conducted on November 1, supports those findings and reveals an even larger pro-Republican trend among the state’s electorate.

WRAL had Trump leading Hillary 51%-44%  in North Carolina (659 likely and actual voters, MOE +-3.9%).  Red Wolf’s poll finds the margin at 51-42 (300 Likely voters, MOE +-5.9%) in favor of Trump.

Red Wolf’s poll also found Pat McCrory leading Roy Cooper 52-48 in the race for governor, and Richard Burr leading Deborah Ross 51-42 in the race for US Senate.

Red Wolf found Republican Dan Forest leading Democrat Linda Coleman 53-42. The attorney general’s race, however, is much tighter with Republican Buck Newton leading Democrat Josh Stein 48.3% to 47.7%.  

The race for secretary of state is tight, with incumbent Democrat Elaine Marshall leading Republican Michael LaPaglia 47.7% to 46.7%. In the treasurer’s race, Republican Dale Folwell leads Democrat Dan Blue 52-43. 




11 thoughts on “New polling confirms potential GOP wave in NC

    1. Not sure I’d do cartwheels over a poll of 300 with an MOE of nearly 6%, but I am feeling better about Dan Forest’s race. Hate the numbers for Folwell, he’s the staunchest conservative in the GOP.

  1. Fantastic… great for most of the state but not Wake or Mecklenburg. Last night the Governor announced at a fund raiser if not for Wake County he’d win hands down. However if we can dig into those areas with more money and feet on the ground we could ensure it. I heard several planned to organize for the last week. Lets hope they come through.

  2. How ironic it is that Trump voters may just save the NC GOP ticket from a total wipeout next Tuesday. The GOPe has called Trump every name in the book and mocked his supporters. I still think the GOP establishment’s support for Hillary is going to carry NC for her and give the Democrats a clean sweep of NC. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. The Bushes, Ryans, Romneys and Lindsay Grahams have so dumped on Trump that he cannot win NC or the country. It’s even worse than what the GOPe did to Goldwater in 1964.

    1. The Tea Party, “the people” is very alive and working very hard to win it all! As Rush Limbaugh says, “don’t doubt me”!
      Donald Trump is a secret Tea Party member in case you are not aware!
      The “establishment” is withering away!

  3. Florida and Ohio are critical states for Trump. He has to win both of them to win the presidency. But Jeb Bush is doing everything he can to defeat Trump in Florida and Kasich is doing all he can to help Hillary win Ohio. Kasich even announced that he wrote in John McCain’s name for president. Both Bush I and Bush II are voting for Hillary. Romney is trying to keep Trump from winning Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. All of this is simply too much for Trump and loyal Republicans to overcome. It would defy history for Trump to win with the GOPe working this hard to defeat him. I hope against hope that Trump can pull it off—but it’s just not in the cards.

    1. While I am sure that the Bushes, McCains, Kasichs and Romneys are not supporting Trump, I do not believe that the Bushes and Kasichs are doing anything to try to cause him to lose their states.

      Please link to any evidence or reports regarding this. thank you.

  4. Paul Ryan has refused to campaign with or for Trump, even when Trump is in Wisconsin. Same for Mitch McConnell. Kasich did not vote for Trump which is significant for the sitting governor; and talk with the campaign workers in Ohio and they will give you an earful about Kasich. The Bush family is voting for Hillary and doing no campaigning for any Republican. Romney is doing his best to have his hand-picked independent candidate take enough votes from Trump to cost him the states of Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Totally despicable. First class traitors.

    1. Agreed. These scumbags should be shunned. Ryan and McConnell should be dumped from their leadership positions. What they are doing is high treason.

      1. Ironic that Burr owes his poll surge to Dem ads attacking him for allegedly supporting Trump. Should be interesting to see what happens when Trumpbots demand he oust McConnell from leadership.

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