#NCGA: Implementing Common Core via REPEAL?

legislatureOpponents of the Common Core curriculum for public school education are ramping up their efforts to get state House Bill 1061 through the North Carolina General Assembly. Some of the biggest names in the NCGOP — including Lt. Gov. Dan Forest — are stepping out to praise the bill and call for its passage.

Some in the opposition are suspicious of the House legislation — labeling it a smokescreen that allows legislators to score points with grassroots conservatives while basically giving the edu-crats what they wanted all along. Take this from Dr. Terry Stoops, the education policy guru at Raleigh’s John Locke Foundation:


 For the record, US Senate nominee (and House speaker) Thom Tillis has the last word on what will and will not be considered by the House. 

Whitney Neal of FreedomWorks — a former teacher and a nationally renowned Common Core critic — cautions that the current efforts on Jones Street will bring additional costs to taxpayers:




Nicole Revels, featured in the above conversation with Ms. Neal, has authored an intriguing piece about how to truly drive a stake into the heart of Common Core. 

13 thoughts on “#NCGA: Implementing Common Core via REPEAL?

  1. Thanks for highlighting this and the people grinding political axes over Common Core.
    There is a lot of armchair quarterbacking going on right now with HB1016 from parties who don’t have their facts right and would rather kill the bill than listen to reason.

    StopCommonCoreNC.org has the facts.
    I’ve also written extensively on my own blog about it.

    1. If you are looking for facts according to ladyliberty, this is the place to go. You will quickly see, as I have that the primary complaints have nothing to do with CCSS. EOG testing, data collection, standards, teacher pay and resources, etc are all things that have been conflated despite the fact that these things exist with or without CCSS. Clever, but misleading so many people. Too many words, very little common sense. These people can not articulate their problem with CCSS by citing specific excerpts from the standard .. but rather rants and rage driven by political and religious fear mongering. How do I know? I am using a CCSS curriculum with my fouth grader and OUR NC school is well down the road, showcasing one of NC’s top 5 elementary schools. These “Stop” people have no answers, just complaints.

  2. Tillis has won the primary. By the Karl Rove playbook, it is time for him to take his left turn, and that from a position already too far on the left side of the pavement. Don’t count on anything conservative out of Tillis. The flip side of that is that Tillis is just giving more reason for conservative voters to skip over his race in November.

  3. With a super majority of Republicans in Raleigh, there is no reason that we could not pass an amended HB 1061 that actually stops Common Core, and not rebrand it and add more expenses and beauracy. I hope citizens will join me in contacting legislators to amend this bill and stop CC before it’s too late. Whitney Neal of FreedomWorks has testified on CC in I believe about 14 states. Based on reading this bill, hearing input from legislators who are genuinely opposed to Common Core and those who are experts on this topic, I strongly agree it needs to be amended to stop CC. If it’s not, we have those legislators who oppose the amendments to blame for what happens to public education and the intrusion of our children’s privacy.

    1. Unfortunately, there is ONE big reason, and he is named Thom Tillis. Remember that when you vote in the Senate race!

  4. Some people still don’t get it. This bill has the commission to replace in it. No other bill is going to get into the short session. Amendments will likely be added, however this is the bill. Those trying to tear it down and can’t see beyond their establishment GOP rage will be the ones to thank if it fails.

    Dr. Stoops clarifies beyond the screengrab:
    Terry L. Stoops I also tried to say that SB 1061 is as good as it’s going to get. An alternative bill to repeal Common Core completely, if filed, has no chance of passing.
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  5. Hurry up…this is as good as it’s gonna get…pass it, we’ll fix it later…y’all don’t know what you’re talking about..I’m the expert…those trying to tear it down will be the ones to blame if it fails…WOW, when have we heard all these reasons not to have a healthy debate that just might produce good policy before? Might as well be saying what the GOP loves to say…Sit down & shut up!
    This faux fighting is being orchestrated by the Political Elite and some Conservs are falling for it. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this in a recent campaign. I’m disgusted & disappointed beyond words.

  6. We have seen too many wolves in sheep’s clothing. The GOPe is onto the conservatives and hope to win with a bait and switch. Question everything and read the legislation. I will never trust what any legislator tells me without doing my own homework. Shame on those who do. I don’t need any more lectures from people saying I just don’t understand how this works, and we need to pass something so we can get a little bit of what we want. How has that ever worked out. FIX IT NOW AND FIX IT FOR GOOD. A super majority is why we should do this right and accept no compromises.

  7. Proponents of this bill claim that the new study committee established by the proposal will be able to change common core to the point of eradication, which makes this bill worthy of passage – it is important to note that the new study committee CANNOT make ONE SINGLE CHANGE to the current standards – they are only charged with SUGGESTING changes to the State Board of Education. What are they suggesting changes to? The common core standards that we are currently using, renamed “NC standard course of study.” And they get 250k from our tax dollars to do so. From the proposal:
    SECTION 2.(c) The Commission shall: (1) Conduct a comprehensive review of the academic standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics that were adopted by the State Board of Education under G.S. 115C-12(9c). (2) As soon as practicable upon convening, and at any time prior to termination, recommend changes and modifications to these academic
    standards to the State Board of Education.

    Also…. we want to solidify it further into our state law that we will do whatever the federal government wants?? (when the original common core bill was passed, it already placed into our statutes that we would comply with the grant mandates in order to keep that rttt money; one of those mandates was the standards common to a majority of states aka common core – we should be REPEALING this provision, not doubling up on it!) When will SOMEONE stand up and speak the truth, that NO AMOUNT OF MONEY is worth our sovereignty over our own children’s education and anyone who is more worried about the money than about getting rid of RttT/common core mandates is prostituting our state??:

    SECTION 1.(c) The State Board shall ensure that the implementation of this Section is consistent with federal law and the conditions of federal grants.

    1. It appears we have reached the point where North Carolina lawmakers face north on a compass line with the capital in the District of Columbia, lie prostrate, grovel, and prostitute their sorry selves for some federal money.

      Men and women worthy of representing the people of our state would tell the federal pimp masters what they could do with their RttT money. Sadly, too many of our bunch seem to be spineless lowlife whores not worthy of respect or recognition.

      Do they not know how federalism is supposed to work or do they just not care.

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