#ncga: Charles Jeter. So nice he voted TWICE (in the same election)?

When it rains, it pours.  And WBTV’s BIG DOG, Nick Ochsner, voteearlyis dumping a big ol’ barrel of rain water over the head of state Rep. Charles Jeter: 

Election records in North Carolina and South Carolina show former State Representative Charles Jeter voted twice in the 2004 presidential election.

Hmm.   If true, THAT is against the law, boys and girls.  MORE: 

On Your Side Investigates uncovered the documents on Monday, the same day Jeter announced he was resigning his seat in the legislature and would not be seeking re-election.

Records maintained by the South Carolina State Election Commission show Jeter voted in person at a precinct in Greer, SC on November 2, 2004.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections website shows Jeter also voted at a precinct in Huntersville, NC on November 2, 2004.jeter

Under federal law, it is a felony to knowingly cast more than one ballot in a federal race. The 2004 ballot included the race for President of the United States.

Reached by phone Monday, Jeter said he did not vote twice.

“I certainly didn’t vote in South Carolina that day,” Jeter said. “I don’t know why it shows I did. I wasn’t there, I didn’t vote then, I just don’t understand why it would show that.”

*He MUST have a point there.  I mean, didn’t The Round Rev™ tell us stuff like that just doesn’t happen?*  MORE:

Jeter grew up in and attended college in South Carolina. He moved to Huntersville in 2004. Records show Jeter’s 2004 vote was his first in North Carolina and his last in South Carolina.

“I’m certainly going to call down to the SC board of elections to see what I can find out,” Jeter said.

Jeter was among a long list of Republican lawmakers who sponsored legislation in 2013 that required voters to provide photo identification at the polls and made other changes to the state’s election laws.

Among the other changes in the bill was a provision that required the state to cross-check its voter rolls with other states to identify voters who may be ineligible to continue voting in North Carolina.

Hmmm. This certainly is not going to help with the lawsuit.


10 thoughts on “#ncga: Charles Jeter. So nice he voted TWICE (in the same election)?

  1. Hmm, maybe Jeter made it onto one of Bully Barber’s Short Buses to the polls. Would not be surprised if we found he voted in a few other precincts in NC…although those would be under other names so would be impossible to find.

  2. So this makes like maybe 3 confirmed cases of voter fraud in NC in the last couple of decades?

    1. Most Democrat DA’s try to avoid prosecuting, and when Democrats run a Board of Elections they try to even avoid investigating.

      Take, for example, the investigation by the Voter Integrity Project a few years ago in Wake County. They cross referenced the list of those who had filed affidavits that they were not US citizens when called for jury duty with the voters registration rolls and found hundreds of matches in that one county, including many whom the BOE records showed had actually voted. When they presented their evidence to the then-Democrat controlled county BOE, it refused to even investigate.

      Another example is a group of Republican election workers in Forsyth County who noticed a bus carrying the same group of black voters from precinct to precinct. At each one, they got off and went in to vote. The GOP workers got pictures, but the local BOE, then under Democrat control refused to investigate.

    2. Given the anonymous nature of voting, it’s a very difficult thing to prove. It’s kinda like roaches… if you see one, you know there are many more. A single case of voter fraud is too many!

    1. Voter registration would also have birthdays. It would be highly unlikely that it is a different person if they show the same birthday. I would think the reporter would have checked an obvious fact like that.

      1. It turns out that “fisherman” Charles Jeter (Sr.) is NC Rep. Charles Jeter’s (Jr.) father.

        The plot thickens.- surely the reporter didn’t miss that.

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