#ncga: A redistricting Lawsuit-palooza ??? (Unleash the ambulance chasers!)

nclegI talked with some Jones Street insiders today who have an interesting take on where this whole congressional redistricting kerfuffle might be heading.  The consensus?  It’s unlikely that we will be voting anytime soon in these new districts unveiled yesterday.

The three judge panel struck down the current districts because they believed they were based on race.  Well, I am told the computer-generated map unveiled yesterday keeps the partisan balance we currently have in the House delegation — 10 to 3 — but does it via party registration and voting patterns.  NOT RACE. 

So, this new map calls the judges’ bluff.  If they strike this map down too, they come off looking like partisan hacks making it up as they go.

The General Assembly is likely to approve the maps on a party-line redistricting-picasso-350vote and send them to the judicial panel for approval.  My sources are predicting that, not long after the map gets blessed on Jones Street, Democrats and Democrat-affiliated groups will unleash the lawsuits — further tying up the process.  

I am hearing that we may get something from Chief Justice Roberts late Friday or on Monday.  He may issue a stay that makes this new map a moot point — for now.  

But there is a strong feeling in our fair capital city that there are a lot more twists and turns left in this political drama. (Stay tuned.)


6 thoughts on “#ncga: A redistricting Lawsuit-palooza ??? (Unleash the ambulance chasers!)

  1. Obviously the judges are appointed and never had to run for office. How unfair this is to the people who are running this year who have spent their time, money from donors , hours walking, phoning and writing letters to people who now have been drawn out of their districts. And now they are considering opening up the filing again and no run off elections? What if an incumbent now feels threatened by the person running against them and decides to find someone to run to make it a 3way race? Having a primary in the first week in June will have very low attendance and that could change everything. I sure hope the SCOTUS does the right thing tomorrow.

  2. No run off elections is a horrible way to go. It is even worse than the 40% standard to avoid a runoff.

    We come back to the real problem, and that is Obama Republicans supporting the radical Obama judicial appointments, in this case Max Cogburn, the deciding vote in the 2-1 ruling against our districts. Cogburn is also the one who threw out our Traditional Marriage Amendment.

    Cogburn was strongly supported for confirmation by Richard ”Tricky Dick” Burr, who even defended Cogburn as ”highly qualified” after his traditiional marriage ruling. Idiots like Burr have been in DC too long and just do not get it. A stinking Obama Marxist like Cogburn is NEVER qualified for a position where he can destroy our liberties.

    We need to remove turncoat Burr from the Senate this year, hopefully in the primary, but if not, then in the general election. There is not a dimes worth of difference between an Obama Republican like Burr and an Obama Democrat.

  3. “We need to remove turncoat Burr from the Senate this year, hopefully in the primary….

    Greg Brannon is peaking at the right time and this time I think he will bounce Burr from the Senate. Greg knows the Constitution and we need someone in Congress who knows the Constitution.

    Surely Greg Brannon will win this time.

    1. Take nothing for granted! Greg Brannon – while the best choice to defeat Burr – has an uphill battle and will need every single Constitutional Conservative to support him financially, and, to get out and vote. Burr has a ton of money & establishment support. We have a lot of work to do.

  4. North Carolina and it’s voters have just about reached their limit with the radical go for broke craziness of this legislature! Passing laws that are repeatedly determined to be unconstitutional are both expensive and an unproductive exercise that ultimately cost the state’s citizens and prove nothing more than a waste of money and time.
    If this is conservative politics count me and my family OUT!

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