NC-03: National Tea Party leader smacks Griffin over Jones-Iran ad

The political world is buzzing about this ad produced by Republican tgcongressional candidate Taylor Griffin alleging that Walter Jones — of all people — took sides with Barack Obama.

It’s succeeded in firing some people up — to the detriment of Griffin.  Here’s Jenny Beth Martin with Tea Party Patriots: 

[…] “Taylor Griffin’s new campaign advertisement, ‘The Difference’ – in which he falsely claims Rep. Walter Jones ‘is taking the President’s way. Congressman Jones empowered Obama to cut a deal with Iran. Jones caved to Obama’ – is an outrageous distortion, and Griffin should be ashamed of himself foLiar_Liar_posterr stooping so low.[…]

Wow.  An ‘outrageous distortion.’  Let’s find out more, shall we?:

“For the record, Rep. Jones voted in favor of ‘finding that the President has not complied with section 2 of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015’ (H. Res. 411, 9/10/15, Roll Call Vote 492); voted ‘against approving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action’ (H.R. 3461, 9/11/15, Roll Call Vote 493); and voted in favor of H.R. 3460, ‘to suspend until January 21, 2017, the authority of the President to waive, suspend, reduce, provide relief from, or otherwise limit the application of sanctions pursuant to an agreement related to the nuclear program of Iran’ (H.R. 3460, 9/11/15, Roll Call Vote 494).

“Let’s translate those votes into simple language, so even Mr. Griffin can understand:

“The first vote, for House Resolution 411, put the House of Representatives on record in support of the contention that
the President, by not submitting to the Congress certain side agreements he had struck with Iran, had violated section 2 of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, which directs the President, within five days of reaching an agreement with Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear program, to transmit to Congress the te
xt of the agreement and also “any addition materials relating thereto, including … side agreements, implementing materials, documents, and wj3guidance, technical or other understandings, and any related agreements, whether entered into or implemented prior to the agreement or to be entered into or implemented in the future.” But the President failed to give Congress a crucial side agreement between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

“Rep. Jones voted IN FAVOR of this resolution.

“The second vote was a simple vote on the agreement itself, called the ‘Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.’

“Rep. Jones voted AGAINST this resolution.

“The third vote was a vote to remove authority from President Obama to lift any sanctions against Iran – note the effective date, ‘to suspend until January 21, 2017,’ meaning the authority to lift sanctions would be available to the president who replaces Mr. Obama on January 20, 2017.

“Rep. Jones voted IN FAVOR of this resolution.wj2

“It is beyond difficult to see how those three votes, taken together, could lead anyone to the conclusion that Rep. Jones ‘empowered Obama to cut a deal with Iran’ or ‘caved to Obama.’ In fact, it is impossible. These three votes show exactly the OPPOSITE – that Rep. Jones stood firmly AGAINST President Obama’s bad deal with Iran.

Martin also alleges that the basis for Griffin’s ad comes from a FOUR YEAR OLD letter — sent well before the 2015 deal with Iran was struck:

[…] “So how does Mr. Griffin arrive at his false conclusion? He relies on Rep. Jones’ signature on a March 2012 letter to President Obama, urging the President to pursue negotiations with Iran. That’s right, MARCH 2012. That letter was written THREE YEARS BEFORE the President’s bad agreement with Iran was signed.

“Rep. Jones signs plenty of other letters, in case Mr. Griffin 54235662was not aware. For instance, Rep. Jones writes a letter of condolence to the family of every American serviceman and servicewoman fallen on the fields of Afghanistan and Iraq. Perhaps if Mr. Griffin read a few of THOSE letters signed by Rep. Jones, he’d have a better understanding.

“Mr. Griffin’s ad shows that he cares not for the truth when it comes to campaigning. We hope the residents of North Carolina’s 3rd congressional district remember that when it comes time to vote on June 7.”

6 thoughts on “NC-03: National Tea Party leader smacks Griffin over Jones-Iran ad

  1. The choice is clear. You can support more militarism against nations that did nothing to America or you can support Constitutional Conservative Jones.

    One should not be surprised that a candidate supported by the war monger wing of the GOP would criticize our Congressman for writing a letter 4 years ago asking our President to exhaust every possible angle on a negotiated settlement rather than another war with a country that did not attack America.

    Given the chance, Walter’s challenger will wage war in Syria and Iran as well as continue the fruitless occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. The challenger is an ardent supporter of the money printing federal reserve and has no problem monetizing more debt if it helps the military industrial complex.

    If you want our country to be America the Militaristic Nation then you know who to vote for in June. If you wish to see a nation that CLAIMS to be a Christian Nation actually behave like Christians and only go to war with just cause, then you must support Walter B. Jones this June. NC has enough NEO CONS in DC as it is.

    1. Let us remember that Walter Jones urged ”robust, sustained diplomacy” in the letter he signed. That is not what Obama and his ilk delivered. They were more like Neville Chamberlain at Munich. Every ”red line” that the Obama crowd set, the Iranians refused to budge and Obama then caved in completely to the Iranian position. It was not diplomacy at all but a craven surrender. I am afraid that it will utimately pay the same dividends at Munich did.

      Walter Jones did all he could to demand that Obama actually try to negotiate firmly. It was always clear that Obama was never going to use military force. Obama even threatened to shoot down the air force of our ally Israel if they tried to take out the Iranian nuke program themselves. The only military force that Obama even considered was against our ally, not our adversary.

      When Obama came back with a Munich-like treaty, called an ”agreement” to circumvent the Constitution, Walter Jones voted against that monstrosity at every turn.

      Taylor Griffin lied about Walter Jones record and position on this issue just like he did earlier on veterans health care because Taylor Griffin is by his nature a liar. Well, that and a progressive.

  2. If Griffin, a proven liar owned and financed by gay rights and other immoral interests, were to upset Jones in a low turnout ‘secret’ election, he will have no mandate nor respect from main line 3rd District Republicans. Such a situation will call for a serious write-in candidate with conservative record and true residency in the 3rd District to enter the General Election.

    1. Heck, Griffin would probably vote to the left of likely Democrat nominee Hurst. Griffin is the candidate of the liberal special interests, like the big New York City bankers, who have dumped a ton of money into his campaign. Walter Jones voted against the Wall Street bailout, but Griffin would be Wall Street’s lapdog.

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