NC-03: Mike Speciale on Grass Roots NC, in his own words ….


There’s been a lot of talk about Grass Roots NC’s “recommendation” of Michael Speciale in the Third Congressional District congressional race.  It will be interesting to see how intensely the Speciale campaign touts this “recommendation” given what the candidate himself had to say about Grass Roots North Carolina just a few years ago:



Idiocy?  (Ouch.)      Wait, there was MORE:



“Arrogant attitude?”  “Relegated GRNC to the trash heap since their demands outweigh their common sense”?  “Self-importance”?


(*Ouch. Ouch, and OUCH.*)


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  1. That’s why we like Mike Speciale, he votes his conscience no matter what. That’s the kind of person we need in Congress. Wish there were more people like him.

  2. I remember this quite well. At that point in time many questioned why he was rated the way he was and GRNC took a lot of flack not only from Speciale but many of us who were wondering what the heck they were thinking. I feel I am not mistaken I threw in my 2 cents as well. No doubt about it, Mike is the most pro 2nd amendment, constitutional, and most conservative man for the job.

  3. We plan to vote for Mike because of his history in th NC GA. The problem we face is there are so many good candidates in NC03, but the best was to predict future actions is based on past actions.

  4. Looks like this one is backfiring, Brant. And that’s only the ones you are printing. I can only imagine the ones you are censoring.

  5. I’m comfortable with Michael Speciale’s representation, especially on constitutional issues. His legislative record speaks for itself.

  6. It’s a shame we can’t clone Michael. We need more of his ilk both in our State General Assembly and the US Congress.

  7. This GRNC discussion is very interesting but shouldn’t we be asking a more important question about Michael Speciale. Where is his FEC campaign finance report that was due April 18th? It is outrageous that Speciale and his General Assembly partner in crime Phil Shepard have yet to file these mandated reports.

    Do Speciale and Shepard believe they are above the law? With the emerging racially tinged scandal in Onslow County involving Phil Shepard and his closest supporter it would seem that this is exactly how they both feel.

    I enjoy reading The Haymaker almost everyday. However I am surprised this issue is not drawing more scrutiny if we cant count on these jokers to be honest about their campaign finances, how can we expect them to guard the taxpayer’s wallet?

    1. My reports are electronic, and I had problems with the server. Fri through yesterday the FEC was off for the Holiday, so I could not get assistance until today. I got that help and my reports have been filed. Everything is not a conspiracy by evil politicians, sometimes things just don’t work as they should!

      1. You still haven’t filed your statement of candidacy. So, you are not an actual bona fide candidate in this race. That’s what you get when you try to be treasurer and candidate. Go spend some money and find a treasurer who knows what they’re doing.

        Ooops. You don’t have any money.

  8. So Speciale, let me get this straight, you are blaming your failure on not reporting on the 18th (which was last Thursday not Friday) is because the FEC was closed Friday. So its Good Friday’s fault you didn’t turn in your report on Thursday. Come on now Speciale.

    With all due respect Speciale, if you are unable to master the nuances of online filing it may be that you are not ready for prime time in the US Congress.

    BTW how are your fundraising numbers looking? Other than the event Keith Kidwell threw for you a couple of weeks ago — that may be a dozen paying folks showed up to — has anybody else “invested” in your future?

    1. I have. I gave him $200 right away. As for who has more money, that is nothing more than a measure of connections. I have always been outfunded, but I have won four elections because of where I stand, even though I have well-conbected opponents powerfully backed by people who are more interested in their bottom line than in the good of the people, while the people know I am the one who stands up for their rights, conservative values and our Constitutions. It is the same with Michael Speciale. Yes, it does take a lot more money to run at the federal level, but I hope the patriots in the Congressional Third District know he is their best choice, regardless of how much money the elitists spend on someone else’s campaign.

  9. Pittman you have $200. That’s pitiful if you truly believe someone like Speciale needs to be a US Congressman.

    Again the supporters of the likes of Specale are all talk. Surely someone of your “stature” can do more for him.

    Again, like I stated weeks ago, Michael has proven he can’t raise money. And him getting in the big leagues exposes his weakness. Write a bigger check Larry if you truly believe in him. It’s looking like your buddy is headed for a huge egg.

    1. You are ignorant about my limited resources if you don’t know that $200 was a sacrificial contribution coming from me. I have never been rich and never expect to be. I am one of the two least wealthy people in the Legislature. So go heckle someone else if you don’t know what you’re talking about any better than that. $200 is a lot if money to me. I wish I could afford to give him a lot more.

    2. Yeah, $200 is a strain on my finances, too. My wife gave Michael $200. When he makes the general election, I’ll write my check. That’s the way our household works. Now, if I were Vidant or something along that line, we’d be giving $200 thousand for the primary and $200 thousand for the general. I don’t think Michael can be bought.

  10. Specials good for you getting your report in. You broke the law but better late than never.

    As predicted what a pathetic report. And Pittman I didn’t see your contribution.

    Mike you truly don’t believe you are a contender in this race? Your largest contributor is Larry Herwig and signs.

    One thing we need to know. You promised term limiting yourself in the State House. You lied. Now you are saying when you lose this primary you are done. Is it true or another lie?

    And no I wouldn’t give you a damn dime but rest assured ole Dave does donate.

    It’s the Chicago way.

    1. At least we don’t hide our names to keep people from knowing who we are. You have no business calling Michael Speciale a liar, either, whoever you really are.

    2. The ones who are not contenders are the ones who go way off the reservation on policy like Joan Perry who cannot seem to decide if she is for or against building a wall on the southern border or Medicaid Murphy who has led the charge for the hospital administrators special interest against North Carolina taxpayers and our champion, State Treasurer Dale Folwell,

      What matters is policy, and Michael Speciale is right on the money in supporting solid conservative policy, and he has an exemplary record of leadership in doing so..

      My concern is the general election for this seat, While many of us would be so concerned about Pelosi getting another seat that we would hold our noses for about anyone on the GOP list, there are many conservatives who would not be motivated to go vote if we end up with a squishy nominee, and no amount of money would cure that.

    3. You are wrong about my contribution not being in the report, anyway. $200 is an aggregate amount on a federal report, which does not require that the contributors name be shown. So quit posting misleading information. Of course, wanting to be misleading goes right along with the cowardice of anonymity, now doesn’t it!?

  11. I agree Rader but your horse can’t win. You have been involved in politics for a long time. And you aren’t dumb. Speciale can not raise money. That’s a fact and not in dispute.

    You are hitching to the wrong horse.

    You know better and to continue supporting Speciale is to the detriment of electing a Conservative Republican.

    1. This is a low turnout primary where informed voters will be a larger percentage of the electorate, and money does not play as big a role as it usually does. Speciale is the choice of the grassroots – the informed voters – as shown by the 3rd District straw poll. A runoff will be even a smaller electorate, and informed voters will be an even larger share of the electorate. If he makes the runoff, Speciale will be the nominee, and whoever the nominee is, the money will flow to them for the general election.

      I do not want a Jeff Flake type as my congressman, and the place to stop that is in the primary. Yes, I could settle for a Jeff Moore or a Francis deLuca, and a number of others, but it is Speciale who has shown that he is a fighter for the conservative cause in a legislative arena.

    2. I respond not for Dave, because that is not his name, bit I respond for those who read this thread.
      If one subscribes to “Dave’s” way of thinking, then we would have to believe that this seat is for sale to the highest bidder. It is not! I raised what I intended to raise because I knew what I wanted to spend on this part of the election. Should I make it through this one, obviously it will require more funding, and I expect to raise what will be needed to run an effective campaign.
      “Dave” does not know me and his opinion regarding whether or not I can raise funds to win is his opinion and irrelevent. I am through responding to his nonsense!

  12. I am voting for Michael Speciale. Michael is the Most Conservative Candidate and his actions are Conservative!

    1. There’s more than just being conservative. You also have to be effective. Speciale loses big on that one since he doesn’t play well with others. And this election is for sale. You’ll see on April 30.

      1. Being a leaadership flunky was not what Walter Jones did, and it is not what Michael Speciale does. It is not what conservatives need in Washington or Raleigh. As leader of the NC House Freedom Caucus, Speciale is the state level equivalent of Mark Meadows in Congress, and that often means standing up to leadership to support principles. I guess you are down on Meadows as well, since Meadows does not “play well” with the Congressional leadership.

        A good example of Speciale working with others is the way he worked with a Congressional primary opponent on fighting the anti-Folwell bill. Speciale was not a member of the committee that was hearing the bill but attended to speak against it. The committee chairman, Greg Murphy, did not allow any one other than committee members to speak, which was unusual for the legislature, but Speciale stayed at the meeting to do what he could. As the committee vote approached, Speciale wanted more than a voice vote on the bill, and sent a text message to Phil Sheppard suggesting he call for a vote by show of hands, which Sheppard did. Greg Murphy’s hand was one of the first that shot skyward to vote for the bill. Sheppard got credit politically for the maneuver, and only a few of the conservative activists present knew of Speciale’s role in that hand vote. He did what needed to be done for the cause, and has not sought any credit for himself out of it. Michael Speciale is indeed a team player among conservatives, and he has maintained enough of a working relationship with the House leadership to be able to function. He has largely followed Mark Meadows formula in the US Congress.

        The recent dumping on Mike Speciale lately on this site shows that one or more of his opponents must really be worried about him.

        1. I know Mark Meadows. Michael Speciale is no Mark Meadows.

          The recent defenses of Michael Speciale here smack of a coordinated effort. His supporters must really be worried about him.

          1. Well, perhaps Speciale is a little more successful than Mark Meadows in actually forcing the leadership to give ground to conservatives. Speciale was one of the ringleaders a few years ago of a conservative effort to cut wasteful spending out of the budget. They gathered enough conservative House members to deprive the Speaker of the votes to pass his budget, and told the Speaker that unless a list of items were removed, the budget would not pass. The Speaker cried “uncle” and those items were removed from the budget. Among the items removed was 100% of the money for tax subsidies of wind and solar.

            I love Mark Meadows and what he is trying to do in Washington, but Mike Speciale and the conservatives in the NC House have been more successful in actually doing it. Oh, and Mark Meadows is the kind of guy I would like to see in the US Senate, and the sooner the better

            Unwarranted attacks do necessitate setting the record straight.

          2. Attending the 3rd District Republican Party reception for Congressional candidates last night, I learned the results of two polls that shed some light on the recent attacks on Mike Speciale. It is likely that other polls are giving similar results and guiding campaigns.

            One poll was by another candidate not in the top tier and I heard the results from the candidate herself. The other was an independent poll, slightly more recent, and I heard the results from someone close to the pollster.

            One poll showed a virtual tie for first place between Speciale and two more squishy candidates. The other showed a more ranked order of finish but still close, with two more squishy candidates in first and second and Speciale third. With both polls, Speciale is the conservative best placed to get into the runoff.

            The squishy candidates undoubtedly would prefer to run against each other, as either of them in a one on one race with a conservative would be dead in the water.

            One huge problem in this race is that the conservative vote is too divided among good or at least decent candidates. Another is that not enough is being done to call out the squishes for what they are. The Club for Growth did not help by further dividing the conservative vote by backing an unknown. We could well end up with the Conservatives’ worst nightmare – a runoff between two squishy candidates.

      2. Does “play well” with the leadership mean play ball in lock step with the leadership? I don’t think I want any of that. The fact that he doesn’t is one more reason to vote for Speciale.

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