#NC-03: Jones beating Griffin in money chase

wj2The third quarter campaign finance reports have been filed with the Federal Elections Commission.  If the numbers in those reports are any indication, Walter Jones will be celebrating in November.

Primary challenger Taylor Griffin reports raising $117,424 through September 30.  His report indicates he has $105,953 in cash-on-hand as of September 30.

Jones reports raising $200,421 through September 30.  He shows $179,443 cash-on-hand as of September 30.  tg

This is a rematch from 2014, where Griffin came close to upsetting the challenger.  In 2014, Griffin raised a total of $323,554. In 2014, Jones raised a total of $703,382.  Griffin benefited greatly from independent expenditures by DC-based groups.

6 thoughts on “#NC-03: Jones beating Griffin in money chase

  1. Remind me. Griffin is the progressive candidate that the Republican establishment and Obama Republicans are getting behind. It gets a little confusing now that Republican can mean all of the above and nothing at all.

    Kind of reminds you of Bubba rattling off all types of shrimp in the movie Forrest Gump. “You got fried shrimps, you got shrimps alamode, you got shrimps with grits, sautéed shrimps………you gots progressive Republicans, you got Obama Republicans, you got Log Cabin Republicans, you got planned parenthood Republicans, you got corporate welfare Republicans, you got tax and spend Republicans, you got solar subsidy Republicans,….

    It’s confusing y’all, but Griffin is the progressive candidate backed by the Republican establishment I believe.

    Walter Jones he’s the “actual conservative”.

  2. A vote for Griffin is a vote for the Boehner mafia, Even with Boehner going out the door, his cronies remain,

    It was interested to hear Griffin dance all over the landscape when he was on WTIB radio before Boehner resigned, trying to duck Henry Hinton’s question about Griffin’s support of Boehner. He never would give a straight answer. And, of course, there are those two close associates of Boehner who hosted a fundraiser in Washington, DC for Griffin.

    Jones, on the other hand, was one of only two NC Congressman to stand tall and come out openly for the removal of Boehner.

    The difference in these two is crystal clear,

  3. North Carolinians should be proud of the stand that Walter Jones has accomplished even though he has upset the establishment. Wish I lived in his district ,at least he has morals and scruples.

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