#NC-02: The Money Chase

chachingThe numbers are in through September 30.  (Keep in mind, these totals are from a period prior to the outbreak of all this McCarthy-ism.)

Renee Ellmers is reporting $145,276 in individual contributions but  $558,750 from PACS.  That is a grand total of $704,026 raised. (Her total receipts through the end of September was actually $715,746.)   She had $411,242 on hand on September 30.

The FEC web site does not show ANY campaign finance reporting from the Kay Daly campaign.   That’s unusual — given that she aired a very expensive ad during one of the nationally televised GOP presidential debates. 

Frank Roche, Ellmers’s 2014 primary opponent, is reporting total receipts of $20,180 through September 30.  He reports spending $12,677 through that period — leaving a total of $7,503 in cash on hand.

Jim Duncan is reporting $162,904 in total individual contributions through September 30.  He also reports $127,500 of his personal money being contributed to the campaign.  That is a grand total of $290,404 in receipts.  The Duncan campaign reports $206,302 in cash-on-hand as of September 30.

crowd-business-peopleThere were some pretty interesting entries in the expenses section of the Ellmers campaign report.  (Lots of hotel rooms.)

On March 17, the campaign spent $1,806 on hotel rooms at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Austin, TX.  Campaigning?  In Austin, TX?

Then there was the nearly $1000 the campaign spent on “lodging” at the Marriott in Arlington, VA from June 8 to June 10.  Campaigning?  In Arlington, VA? 

There was the Courtyard Washington on July 28 for $596.

On January 21, the campaign paid $527 for Ellmers’s scheduler Josie Beecher’s “food and lodging” in College Park, MD.  Again — Campaigning?  In College Park, MD? 

The report lists hundreds of dollars in payments to the Uber car service between January 7 and July 28.

And there was that $1,000 paid to “Pinehurst Lodging” on June 19.   Being from Pinehurst, I know there is no such company.  And it IS kind of strange to pay for lodging in Pinehurst when the congresswoman’s home in Dunn is a short drive away.

On June 10 and July 24, the campaign paid a total of $628 to the Duke Mansion in Charlotte.  Again — Campaigning?  In Charlotte?

On June 10, there was also $297 to Charlotte’s Morehead Inn.

Oh, and you have to LOVE the $4 charge to the campaign for “food and beverage” at a Sheetz station in Benson. 

6 thoughts on “#NC-02: The Money Chase

  1. That TV ad and how it was paid for is indeed odd. Ditto her campaign website.

    My look at the FEC site shows that Kay Daly filed a Statement of Candidacy on Oct. 1, 2015, and a Statement of Organization of her campaign committee on Oct. 12, 2015. The latter lists her as her own treasurer, which makes you wonder if this is a serious campaign. Neither shows any financial activity.

  2. Sounds like a “Trojan” Horse or something to do with a “Trojan”. It was the $4 at the convenience store that gave it away and lots of hotel action there Nee Nee, you go girl, you go.

  3. I am sure the money for the challengers will start rolling in once they formulate their campaign platforms. Hopefully it will be more than “I know the Constitution” or I buy all my socks from North Carolina factory outlets.

  4. From all the campaign reports it looks like Renee will receive the Endorsement from the Hotel – Motel Lodging industry. Surly they will give her a bag of quarters to start the Rock-n-Roll machine, but cigarettes are extra. “Not only am I asking, given time I will earn your support.”

    Everyone wants to be on Top!

  5. When are the citizens in District 2 going to wake up to the fact that they sent a sleaze bucket to DC.

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