NC-02: Watch out Nee-Nee! Big George is a-comin’ !

George Holding has all but confirmed he will primary Renee Ellmers if the new congressional maps stand:holding

Republican Congressman George Holding of Raleigh – whose 13th District moves hundreds of miles west under new district maps approved Friday – plans to run in the 2nd Congressional District against fellow Republican Renee Ellmers, according to his campaign consultant.

A large chunk of Holding’s current district would join the 2nd District under the legislature’s plan, which was developed under a federal court order. Holding’s home is in the 4th District under the plan – about six miles outside the new 2nd District – but candidates aren’t legally required to live inside their district.

“Nobody’s too thrilled about the prospect of a primary, but that’s the democratic way,” said Carter Wrenn, who spoke Friday afternoon on behalf of the Holding campaign.

Reaction from the Ellmers campaign was strong.Snip20151219_2

“Frankly, to want power that bad … (it’s) an extremely aggressive move,” said Patrick Sebastian, spokesman for the Ellmers campaign.

Wrenn, talking about Holding’s decision, said that while the new district will bear the number of Ellmers’ current territory, most of the voters there are now represented by Holding. Holding has no ties to the new 13th District, which runs from western Greensboro to Statesville.

The plan left Holding with three realistic choices if he wanted to stay in the House: run in the new 13th where he’s unfamiliar to voters, challenge U.S. Rep. David Price in the heavily Democratic 4th, or challenge Ellmers in the 2nd. […]

Irony of all ironies:  Wrenn was Ellmers’s consultant when she knocked off Bob Etheridge.  So, this will be very familiar territory for him. (*SIGH.  Lil’ Guv better polish up the résumé.  It’s gonna be shoe-leather time again after JUNE.)

Though — remember — the judges still have to bless this new map.


11 thoughts on “NC-02: Watch out Nee-Nee! Big George is a-comin’ !

  1. Oh this is great. If Chief Justice Roberts does the right thing, then Jim Duncan will take her down. If not, hello Congressman Holding. Can someone pass the popcorn please.

  2. *grabs chair, sits down*

    This is gonna be goooooood.

    Hopefully Roberts issues a stay and Duncan pulls out a win.

  3. The question is also which district Mark Walker will run in, and what Jim Duncan will do. Duncan’s home county is in the new 6th, as are some other parts of current 2nd where he has been campaigning. Part of Walker’s home county is in the new 13th and if he ran there, it would leave the 6th without an incumbent.

  4. Ellmers is done regardless, her antics with Kevin McCarthy took her out of the race. The feeling of the voters is clear … like Hillary Clinton she can’t be trusted. Trusted with her personal life as well as her political life.

  5. George Holding is no true Conservative either. His Liberty Score on Conservative Review is 74%. I guess if you take the curve to improve District 2 move from a F grade with Ellmers to a C grade with Holding (if he wins). I’ll probably sit it out. I truly wanted to drop my vote for Jim Duncan. Our state representation in Harnett County are not Conservative. David Lewis and Ron Rabin. Neither have tried to get rid of the awful state income tax.

    1. You got that right, and his record on veterans affairs is non-existent. Which is remarkable given that 75K-100K veterans live in Wake County alone.

  6. Good bye Renee, couldn’t happen to a better person. Rouzer in the 7th is going to be facing some serious heat too according to word on the street. May

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