#nc-02: The lyin’ queen keeps the b.s. flowing

mouthRenee Ellmers really really really needs to be introduced to the truth.  The woman has arguably told some of the biggest exaggerations, whoppers, and outright lies in North Carolina political history. And she does it without any apparent shame.

Case in point, this whole Donald Trump endorsement thing.  ONE WEEK BEFORE THE PRIMARY she was in Chatham County voting for John Kasich at a local straw poll and praising him as ‘the only adult’ left in the race.  Trump WAS in the race then, too, by the way. 

She told WRAL that she voted for Trump as a result of “talking to the people.”  Then, in the same story, she says she didn’t decide on Trump until the day of the primary. 

Then, there is THIS:


Holy crap.  Look who’s talking.   THIS is coming from a woman who collected roughly ONE MILLION DOLLARS in PAC money during the last election cycle, and regularly raises more money from PACs and other DC sources than she does from her own district.   Second, she’s been in DC TWO YEARS LONGER than Holding.  So, what is all this ‘I’m an outsider’ crap? 

Renee Ellmers wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up and slapped that clown makeup right off her face.  Shameful.  Just shameful. holding

Let’s look at conservatism ratings.  Conservative Review scores Holding with a gentleman’s C (74%).  Ellmers gets a very unlady-like F (52%). Not that far from leadership big shot Patrick McHenry’s F (59%).

Heritage Action says Holding is tied with Walter Jones as the most conservative member of the North Carolina delegation.  Ellmers is ranked as the state’s most liberal Republican US House member.

Nee-nee has also set up a nasty attack site hitting Holding.    Holding doesn’t live in the district?  First, the Constitution doesn’t require it.  Second, he’s slightly outside the borders of this gerrymandered mess.  Third, he’s got a hell of a lot more relatives INSIDE the 2nd district than Nee-Nee has in the whole state of North Carolina.  (She and her husband moved here from Michigan a few years before she filed to run against Bob Etheridge.) Ol’ George was actually born and raised here.   Holding’s family also founded and continues to run one of the most renowned successful businesses in the state of North Carolina.

(Ellmers, too, appears to be confused about her district’s boundaries.  She has been reportedly trying to set up events inside Lee County — which WAS in the old 2nd, but NOW is in the 6th.) 

And the site says Holding is  “missing on the job”?  (Yeah, there’s photographic evidence of him sleeping on the job. I know.)  The Nee-Nee campaign says he is guilty of neglecting his constituents because he didn’t go to a groundbreaking with Pat McCrory.  Seriously?  I’d take a vote against ObamaCare, or raising the debt ceiling, or tax increases, over a stupid groundbreaking.  Give us more of the former, Nee Nee, and less of the latter.) 

Big Government Barbie’s site also attacks Holding for (1) opposing corporate welfare and (2) refusing to spend money we don’t have on pork projects. (Wait.  Is THIS a REPUBLICAN primary?)