NC-02: He’s in! Duncan done testing waters, ready to tackle Ellmers in 2016

181477_4887315982703_432071545_nThe worse kept secret in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District is finally out there for all to see:  Chatham County’s Jim Duncan is coming after John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy’s favorite member of the North Carolina congressional delegation.  Here’s what the retired entrepreneur and former county GOP chairman had to say today:

.  “I’m entering this race because I want to serve the will of the people.  It’s time to listen to their needs, protect their freedoms and unite this district.I don’t need a new job.  I want to offer up my talents so that I can serve my friends and neighbors in this district and inject some common sense into that mess in Washington.

Upholding the Constitution, attacking the debt, and building a strong America with protected borders will be hallmarks of my campaign.   I don’t take this challenge lightly.  The phone calls and emails have persisted, encouraging me to run in the 2016 election. The people have been asking. So, it’s time for me to respond. We have built a great team and are ready to go.

 We are facing grave threats to our homeland and our freedoms.  Fiscal responsibility is tantamount to our security.  A secure border in the face of unprecedented threats is an obligation.  An open border policy that places unfair burdens on the American worker and taxpayer is irresponsible. We have weakened our military, both nationally and in the district, and consigned many of our military families to the status of second-class citizens.

The pursuit of happiness and family are important elements of success for me. I believe that jobs and the opportunity to succeed, anchored by parent-influenced education, are key to putting America back on track.  To have a strong economy we must embrace free enterprise.tea

What good is it to elect conservative politicians in name only if they are afraid to vote for conservative principles? Actions speak louder than words.  The American dream and the American spirit must be rekindled, so that there will be something left for future generations in this country.

Trust is the basis of the compact I seek to develop with the people in the 2nd District.  Too often we hear from Washington, ‘just give us a little more time—trust us.’ Well,  trust is not something that’s just given. It’s earned.  It’s time to stand up for our principles and values and not run away from them. We must rebuild trust between our citizens and their leaders. ”

Frustration with Barry Obama and the Democrat-dominated nation’s capital in 2009-2010 (right about the time the Tea Party rose to the surface) inspired the retired business leader to jump headfirst into politics.  

Duncan is a very spiritual man who should appeal very strongly to Christian conservatives. His limited government, low-tax views also should make him very popular with Tea Partiers and libertarian-leaning grassroots activists. The GOP primary will be held in May 2016.