Moore County’s Miriam Chu to challenge Fisher for NC’s RNC post

She’s been the fearless leader of Moore Tea Citizens — the largest Tea Party group in North Carolina.  She’s been out front in defending and supporting besieged NCGOP chairman Hasan Harnett.  She’s fearlessly questioned authority — both Democrats AND Republicans —  and successfully pressured government to be more citizen-friendly and transparent.  She’s become a regular stop for candidates seeking conservative support in The Sandhills.  (She ruffled some establishment feathers at the 2nd district GOP convention by using her time at the podium to recognize Harnett and his family, who had been — until then — ignored by the moderator.)  Now, Pinehurst’s Miriam Chu is setting her sights on a bigger prize — one of North Carolina’s seats on the Republican National Committee:

“I am sick and tired of this party being jerked around by this elitist clique.  They are doing so much damage by putting their own selfishness ahead of what’s best for North Carolina, the United States, and the GOP.   It’s about the people outside the Raleigh beltline.  Right now, this party does a great job of responding to the people who cut the big checks seeking special favors.  It needs to be doing a lot more to get government off people’s backs and enhance and protect freedom. I want to be a voice for the average North Carolinian who is sick and tired of watching this nonsense, corruption, and outright selfishness in Raleigh and Washington.”

The  RNC posts will be voted on at the NCGOP’s May 5 convention.  Incumbent David Lewis has announced he is not running for ncgopreelection.  It is assumed that Ada Fisher, the other incumbent, will be seeking reelection.

State Rep. Mark Brody — a conservative with grassroots support — is running hard to fill the seat vacated by Lewis.  Greg Gebhardt — legislative aide and campaign manager for Lewis — is seeking to replace his boss at the RNC.  

RNC seats typically go to ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN.  Brody and Gebhardt will be competing for one seat, while FIsher, Chu — and any other women who may jump in — will fight it out for the other seat.

13 thoughts on “Moore County’s Miriam Chu to challenge Fisher for NC’s RNC post

  1. I spoke with Mark Brody on the phone and was impressed with his passion for policy and our party. I believe he will do well as Committeeman and take the position seriously

  2. Damn, Zan Bunn’s head just exploded…… she feels she is entitled to that seat. If she would of stayed loyal to Hasan maybe she would of been OK. But know that she is leading the battle against Hasan she is done….

  3. I truly hope and pray that Miriam will be elected to fill this post. The NC Republican Party and the RNC are badly in need of reform and shake up of the elitist and self-serving “good ole boy” elitist cliques. The Party has been collaborating with the opposition and betraying its own platform and the interests of the majority of registered Republicans for far, far too long now.

    If I had known these good folks were going to step up and run for these seats, my dear wife and I would have eagerly run to be delegates this year to the NC state GOP convention. But we were so disheartened by the state of affairs and the expected agenda for the convention that we decided to stay home this year. Our bad!

    Go Miriam! I strongly implore all Moore County delegates to the state convention to vote for Miriam to replace Ada Fisher. I have watched Ada’s actions for the past several years. She has become too comfortable in the party machine and she has lost touch with those who she claims to represent. I’m not attacking Ada — this always happens when folks stay in high positions for too long. A change of blood and ideas is always like a new ray of sunshine!

    1. Ada Fisher won her relection nominating herself from the convention floor 4 years ago, calling out the hypocrasy of those claiming to be impartial and yet still meddling in party affairs. She has been a big disappointment. Her health is not strong though, and I doubt she’ll run for a 3rd term.

  4. It is great to have a conservative we can vote for.

    After Ada Fisher defied the instructions of the State Executive Committee to support conservative pro-grassroots changes in the national rules, voting with the establishment instead, and then came home and lied about what she had done, she does not deserve another term. Good riddance. She has been one of the chief opponents of Hasan Harnett, too.

    Zan Bunn would have had that seat wrapped up if she had played her cards smartly, but she didn’t. She has made her mark over the past year as one of the main ringleaders against the grassroots, not only against Harnett, but also on things like hiring former Karl Rove frontman Dallas Woodhouse and screwing the grassroots to the wall with that excessive delegate registration fee.

    It is good to have Mariam Chu in the race. We need a fresh face who backs the grassroots in that seat.

  5. Mirian Chu is best for Republican National Committee. Supports others to vote, encourages new members!

  6. Miriam would be nothing but a benefit in this seat. She is smart, capable and passionate Conservative.

  7. Miriam Chu has been our perfect leader in Mooreteacitizens. I highly recommend her and am proud to know she will take on this task. She never says anything negative about anyone but will talk about policy with truth on her side!
    Go Miriam.
    Jackie Wilson

  8. At individual level, we need to publish a by-name list of belly buttons to push. Then …

    How best to collectively reinforce all the individual efforts?

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