NCGOP HQ whipping NC House members to attend April 30 showdown over Hasan

Legislators saved the necks of David Lewis and Dallas Woodhouse the last time around.  This time, the Jones Street crowd is being called on to help deep-six NCGOP chairman Hasan Harnett. Check out this email: mail

From: Jim Burton <>
Date: April 22, 2016 at 6:42:25 AM EDT
To: Jim Burton <>
Cc: Madison Shook <>, Chris Pittman <>, Dylan Finch <>
Subject: Fwd: Can you send to your members???

The state party asked that I send the message below to you regarding the April 30th meeting and the State Party convention registration deadline is today.

State House and Senate Members –mail

We have heard that there is some confusion regarding the Executive Committee meeting on April 30th and participation by elected officials. As an elected NC House or NC Senate member, you are eligible and invited to participate in and vote at all Executive Committee meetings per the North Carolina Republican Party Plan of Organization. Important decisions will be made at the meeting and I hope you will be able to join us.

As a reminder, the meeting will be held on April 30th at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh. Registration will be from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. The meeting noticeSnip20160418_1 is attached.

Another important event for you to join us for is the 2016 NC GOP State Convention. Please make sure you register by April 22nd! Committee reports are now available online – be sure to read the Plan of Organization Committee report for an item that will affect you!

Best Regards,

Katie Sullivan
Senior Political Director
North Carolina Republican Party

Jim Burton
NC House Republican Caucus

*You just gotta love the DC phone number for the North Carolina House Republican Caucus’s top staffer!*  (Talk about out-sourcing!) 

But, I digress.  The powers-that-be are getting ready to stick it to the folks outside the beltline ONE MORE TIME.  The party is for the people to control and use to keep a check on things.  Allowing elected officials and their in-town cronies a veto on decisions made by the grassroots — to protect themselves from Dallasthe, um, rabble — is outrageous.

All electeds need to stay out of this.  I encourage all of you to keep track of any electeds you see at that meeting.  We’ll gladly publicize the names here, and — of course — give them an opportunity to explain themselves. 

4 thoughts on “NCGOP HQ whipping NC House members to attend April 30 showdown over Hasan

  1. The memo from NCGOP HQ came from Katie Sullivan, one of the staff employees who was part of that strategy session to oust Harnett that the Haymaker previously published screenshots from. Part of their strategy discussed was trying to get legislators to their little lynching on April 30 and this seems to fit right in with their scheme.

    Katie Sullivan was also one of the two highly controversial NCGOP staff hires made by Todd Poole that outraged the grassroots and led to the very first confrontation between Harnett and the Central Committee power clique. Before working for NCGOP, Sullivan was an associate of controversial liberal Republican consultant Dee Stewart, who has long been a thorn in the sides of conservatives. Dee Stewart was also the consultant for Craig Collins in his race against Harnett.

    This all smells really bad.

    Now, a few minutes ago, I plucked a vicious attack postcard against Harnett out of my mailbox that absolutely reeks of the rancid stench of Dee Stewart. Someone wants Harnett out bad enough to pay these scoundrels to run a major campaign against him. In common Stewart style, it has a false flag disclaimer, claiming to be from ”grassroots” Republicans when it is really doing the dirty work of the establishment.

    Any legislator foolish enough to join the establishment lynch mob against Harnett had better be prepared for a lot of outraged grassroots Republicans refusing to help them or even vote for them come November. The establishment is starting a feud that will likely go on quite a while with their attempt to reverse the outcome of the last convention, and I suspect it will be a ”take no prisoners” and a ”shoot the hostages” type of feud. The Democrats are probably loving this. Thanks a whole heck of a lot, Central Committee! This is just what we need in an election year, a pack of fools blowing up the party.

  2. I’m very much looking forward to the Convention floor fight that is going to ensue on the POO item that removes elected officials from being voting members of the Executive Committee, this is SORELY needed IMO.

    See “The David Lewis Saga” and “2013 Executive Meeting in Charlotte where Thom Tillis leads a walkout because someone does not like his Toll Roads Plan”

  3. Personally I know a few legislators attending to put the kibosh on this whole mess and make a stand for Hasan and grassroots Republicans.

  4. Chairman Hasan Harnett was elected by the 2015 NC GOP Convention. He has worked very hard to do the things he led the people who voted for him to expect him to do.

    This horrible, artificially contrived attack on Chairman Harnett that is being engineered to come to a head just 6 days before the 2016 Convention at a time Chairman Harnett is out of the country and cannot defend himself (as shown on his published calendar as long ago as January 2016) should be quelled.

    If this proves to be impossible, we need to vote NOT to remove Chairman Harnett. We also need to take note of who votes to remove him, and use that knowledge to make appropriate decisions in the future.

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