Monkey Business Report: NCGOPe treachery edition

Boy, the monkey sure is getting a workout this week.

Another day, another mailer dropped in our mailboxes here in Moore County by a Raleigh special interest.  It’s a repeat performance by the Senate Republican caucus (a/k/a Phil Berger & Tha’ Boys). Previous mailings have promoted senator Tom McInnis in his primary fight with Whispering Pines mayor Michelle Lexo.  This time, Phil & Tha’ Boys are going full-contact against Lexo.

Spending money raised from Republican donors to attack other Republicans is just wrong.  It’s doubly wrong when the attack is patently false. 

Berger’s mailer suggests Lexo is FOR gun control and has been out on the campaign trail advocating for it.

I reached out to Lexo and asked her about it. 

“I am a member of the NRA and a concealed carry permit holder,” she said.”I am the last one you’d find calling for gun control.”

The Senate Republican mailer said Lexo has “called for gun control.”

“I made a statement about how I couldn’t understand the need for high-capacity magazines,” said Lexo. “I’ve never shot with a high-capacity magazine.  That’s a far cry from calling for magazine bans and further gun control.”

Lexo did apologize for some “technical misstatements” she made on the campaign trail about  existing state gun laws.

“I am, by no means, a gun expert,” she said. “I thought we had certain laws on the books in this state regarding magazines, which I later found out we do not.  I am a big supporter of the Second Amendment and do not favor any new restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.”

McInnis, while maintaining a position as a Second Amendment purist, has in fact sponsored legislation restricting gun usage.  SB217 restricted the use of guns or bows in right-of-ways in Richmond County.

“The bill’s title indicates his concern for safety,” said Lexo.” That — Safety– is the same thing I’ve been advocating for.  But he’s attacking me for allegedly wanting to limit gun rights.  I apologized for an earlier misstatement, but I’ve never advocated for limits on gun rights.  He sponsored a bill that does just that.”

Moore County GOP sources tell me that much of the “gun control” spin injected into the Lexo-McInnis and Byrd-Boles races can be tied to a local gun dealer with close ties to GOP power player George Little — who is strongly backing McInnis and Boles in the May primaries.

7 thoughts on “Monkey Business Report: NCGOPe treachery edition

  1. Phil Berger is North Carolina’s Mitch McConnell in trying to manipulate Senate primary races. No conservative should ever give a penny to either McConnell’s National Republican Senatorial Committee or Berger’s “Affiriliated Party Committee”

    Also voters should consider the source. It is Berger, with the support of McInnis, who is stalling the major gun rights bill that has already passed the House. Berger rushed through a bill that is a massive ripoff of electric ratepayers to pander to BIg Solar, but kept the gun rights bill bottled up in committee. It is Berger’s anti-gun positions that led Grassroots North Carolina to have a March Against RINO’s at the General Assembly. Berger is the RINO in chief.

    We should remember that it was Berger monkeying around in the Alabama GOP Senate primary last year who lost us that Senate seat.

    1. Oops. It was MCCONNELL monkeying around in the Alabama GOP primary that lost us that Senate seat. Berger and McConnell are so much alike, I typed one name meaning the other.

  2. McInnis is an inerant, Establishment Senator looking for a District to park in; and integrity is not of prime importance.

  3. “Desperate Tom” and his buddies from Raleigh will do anything to bludgeon an opponent, in this case, hardworking Michelle Lexo, mayor of Whispering Pines. Guess they don’t want someone they can’t control. I’m voting for Michelle and her integrity. No more slick, fast talkers, no more FogHorn Leghorns.

  4. CORRECTION: McInnis is an itinerant Establishment Senator looking for a District to park in; and integrity is not important to

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