Cooper wants the lunch ladies evaluating your kid’s mental health

Gun control weenies want to empower the hourly employee at War-Mart’s gun counter to evaluate each customer’s mental state.  Now, Governor Roy Cooper wants to give the same power to the lunch lady at your kid’s school:

Gov. Roy Cooper on Thursday called for $130 million in the state budget for personnel, training and facility upgrades he says are needed to improve school safety in North Carolina.

“No educator should ever have to put him or herself between a student and a dangerous weapon. No parent should ever have to wonder whether their child is going to make it out alive,” Cooper said during a visit to Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough. “Brave students across North Carolina and across this country are making their voices heard. They want action. I do, too.”


Cooper also wants to set aside $15 million to offer training to school personnel, “from counselors to cafeteria workers,” to identify warning signs of trouble and be able to respond to them in time and to provide services to children with behavioral problems and their families.


Cafeteria workers providing “services”?  (Other than doling out stale pizza, kale and peach cobbler?)

So, we continue to put the blame (and financial burden) for this stuff on everybody and everything but the individuals who brought these little darlings into the world.